Friday, 24 February 2012

Travis Barker tattoos

Most of his tattoos are religious in nature, for he had a  Catholic upbringing. Examples of these Catholic Travis  Barker tattoos include a portrait of Jesus above his left biceps and the Sacred Heart.
In addition to Catholic-inspired tattoos, Barker's love of cars can also be seen on his body art. He especially likes Cadillacs, as evidenced by two racing flags on the side of his neck. It also has the number 66, symbolizing the year of his favorite Cadillac.
Another tattoo-inspired Cadillac is a Cadillac emblem etched on his chest, plus the word "Cadillac" on the side of his body.
Travis also has tattoos on his love for music. There is a microphone and a boom box tattoo on his stomach, the symbol of Travis Barker's love of breakdancing.
He also has a tribute to the Descendents, the image of their "I do not Wanna Grow Up" album, tattooed on his leg.
Names of Barker's family can also be found tattooed on his body. He has "Mom" on his neck, "Melissa" on the side of his neck, and "Landon" to his left wrist.
Lucky charms are tattooed on his right arm, which he considers his lucky arm.


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