Thursday, 23 February 2012

Freja Beha Tattoos

 Freja Beha has various tattoos which detail is in below mentioned.

- "Float" on the left side of her neck.
Upside-down triangle on the back of her neck (first outlined, filled in later).
Circle-done with dotted lines behind her right ear.
Cross on her right earlobe
- "Life is Serendipity" on the back of her right arm.
-Colt Revolver on the inside of her left arm.
- "This Too Shall Pass" on the inside of her right arm.
- "This World is Mine Tonight" on her right wrist.
- "Redemption" on her left forearm.
Three-circles on her left wrist (first sketched, completed later).
-Star on her left trunk (first outlined, filled in later).
- "M" on her right breast.
-Lightening Bolt on her upper right torso (to cover up the "M").
-Lines on her left middle finger.
-Graphic design on her lower abdomen (no photo available).


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