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Survivor' Winner: 'Boston' Rob Mariano Wins 'Survivor: Redemption

It took four trips and 117 days to play "Survivor," but "Boston Rob" finally outplayed, outwitted and outlasted everyone. And in the show that aired on Sunday night, he was crowned winner of "Survivor:. Redemption Island
Rob Mariano received his check for $ 1 million on "The Early Show" on Monday.
He won an additional $ 100,000 for his voted the fan favorite.
But Mariano is no stranger to "Survivor" winnings. His wife, Amber Brkich Mariano, won the show $ 1,000,000 in 2004.
"Boston Rob" finally wins Survivor, the fourth try
Photos: "Survivor: Redemption Island
So with all those prices, it's no surprise that Mariano arrived at "The Early Show" with a smile.
But he had his doubts when he game in Nicaragua.
"That last tribal council I had a good feeling, but with everything in" Survivor ", do not want to get overconfident," he said.
But Mariano said his experience on the show helped him on his fourth go-round.
"I used what I brought to the game from my past experience, was able to get my foot in the door, and people were responding to that," he said.
"Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge said Jeff Probst, host of the show, said Mariano played a perfect game as close as anyone in the entire 22 seasons of the series.
Mariano said the remark Probst a "huge compliment."
"(He is) someone who has seen every season of the show to play from beginning to end," said Mariano. "I think it may have gone in either direction from the start this time."
Wragge said: "When you have the last three, though, anyone who watched" Survivor "know it all to make sure you get the strongest is left at the end. And you had two, with all due respect ... you had two relatively weaker participants with you at the end. Was that the play along? "
"Sure, yes," said Mariano. "I mean, that's part of the gameplan -. To sit with someone who you think you can beat at the end"
Mariano lost his wife - then fiance -. "Survivor" in the 2004 All-Stars game, they now have two daughters. Wragge Mariano asked if thought the vote would go against him because his wife had already won.
Mariano joked: "Look, I'm glad they did not. For the past seven years, I have to hear it in my own house, OK? It was not about the money. She gets the check anyway. But now I'm at least on a level playing field with my wife when it comes to winners in the household of the 'Survivor'! "
In fact, Mariano said he kept it secret that he even was in the final round.
He said: "You know what was great? Were we finished filming this back in September, and I did not tell Amber the end result. I actually led her to believe I was voted in the last four. So it was a big surprise for her last night. And you know, I had to keep secret for a long time. But I was happy to be able to do that for her. "
During the show, Mariano, Wragge said, forged a relationship with Natalie Tenerelli, another participant. Mariano was the woman jealous of that band at all?
"Natalie was like a sister to me," said Mariano. "She was very sweet and she was at her age knows what -..? 19 years old - it was a true testament to, you know, a real coming-of-age story, so I was glad that Natalie., you know, was able to go as far as she did with me. "
As for his life after "Survivor," Mariano said he plans to start a project with the History Channel and top independent producer Thom Beers.
Mariano said he probably will not go back on the hit CBS show.
"At this point, there would be no point," he said. "I've achieved what I wanted to ever achieve with 'Survivor', so I'm happy with my legacy the way it is."

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Etta James Hospitalized with Blood Infection

Etta James is an American blues, soul, R & B, rock & roll, gospel and jazz singer and songwriter.
Jazz vocalist Etta James in hospital with a blood infection.
The three-time Grammy winning singer of "At Last"was recorded in a hospital in Riverside, California earlier this week with a urinary tract infection and sepsis, her son, James Sametto, told Reuters.
Check out the pictures of Etta James
"It was a very bad infection," said James. "Right now she is doing a lot better."
James, 73, has struggled with obesity and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003.

Ashton Kutcher is much different 'Man' for the job

Ashton Kutcher is gnarly.
That simple fact makes the news that Charlie Sheen's place he will take on the "Two and a Half Men" very intriguing. It also helps establish the extent to which Kutcher creates a high contrast image-wise to Sheen. And how, presumably, he will be a new spin on the hit CBS sitcom was released from Sheen.
Bottom line: What does gnarly, Kutcher is not - that Sheen's lexicon, it represents much of what he claims to be famous and celebrated.
On Friday, CBS and Warner Bros. Television announced that Kutcher will top-rated TV comedy join next season.
This switcheroo will be nothing but deep.
For starters, Kutcher has a baby-faced 33 years old, while Sheen is a sharp-featured, party hard 45.
The character that Sheen played eight seasons on "Men" - a fast life, womanizing CAD - drew inspiration from his own comic life Sheen's sex sprees, serial marriages and substance abuse.

On the other hand, Kutcher is a bit neater image: He is fairly quiet married almost six years to Demi Moore (who, unlike the choice of Sheen's partners, is older - 15 years - rather than much younger than her mate).

Kutcher sitcom stardom first found more than a decade ago as the lovable but goofy teenager, Kelso on "That '70s Show," and, on the screen as he puppydog health, a suave sexiness that translated to preserve his romantic comedies . He is a sensitive, mischievous modest stud.
Remember the description by the New Yorker film critic David Denby's review of recent Kutcher movie, "no strings attached": .. "He seemed surprised much of the time, a bit slow but crafty amused about women he's not offensive in any way, he is even quite nice."
Rather endearing, actually.
Contrast, Sheen played the character on "Men," Charlie Harper, was not meant to be sympathetic rather than as glorified the life of the male dream.
"I make a lot of money for doing very little work," Charlie Harper boasted on the show premiered in 2003. "I sleep with beautiful women who did not ask about my feelings. I drive a Jag. I live on the beach. "

Charlie expressed his dweebish, tense chiropractor brother Alan (Jon Cryer), whose wife had just thrown him out of the house. Alan and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones), had crashed with Charlie. They remained there.
The core of "Men" was the difference between life and Charlie's plenty of frustration there Alan.
"My life is pathetic," Alan moaned on an episode of this season. "On the other hand, Charlie's life is great."
But now Charlie is gone.
The big question that had weighed on the minds of the "Men" handicappers since Sheen got the boat more than two months ago - who the heck will replace him? - Was charged with the announcement Friday.
But other questions Kutcher prepares to Cryer and Jones join the sitcom's ensemble.
One of them: What role will Kutcher play, and how will confirm that new character the show is crucial dynamic between a man who thinks he has it all and another man who is pretty sure he has nothing?
Meanwhile, will the changes be acceptable to the vast audience (more than 14 million viewers per week) who likes to "Men" fine as it was, with Sheen?
Now that Chuck Lorre, creator and executive producer of "Men," the new man, his challenge is how to fit the new man.
Remember a joke this season, when, with mock sympathy, Charlie Harper, his brother said, "I get it. You're bored, you're lonely, you can not afford a whore."
While waiting for "Men" to return for Season 9 this fall, fans of the show could ask themselves: What would Ashton Kutcher say instead?

Anna Kournikova puts her mansion on the market; For $9 million, it can be yours

Former tennis hottie Anna Kournikova is not often great headlines for her skills on the court. This is yet another one of those cases.

The Russian beauty, who looks good invented a kind of tennis skills they had, its 6600 square meter Miami home on the market. The water estate is fully equipped with a heated pool and two-story house, but Bleacher Report points out, no tennis court. Surprise, surprise.

The house is beautiful, over the top and is surrounded by greenery. To see detailed pictures of the "house" (if we can call it that) in all its glory.

Kym Johnson doing ok after 'Dancing with the Stars' practice fall

Kym Johnson on "OK" after a crash Friday during practice for "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles, her publicist said.
E! News said professional dancer was transported to a hospital by ambulance after she took a tumble, while working with her partner, Hines Ward.

It was unclear what exactly went wrong or what part of her body that she hurt.

"She's doing OK," said her representative E! News. "Better safe than sorry."

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The New Girl': Zooey Deschanel's TV Pilot Gets Fox Pickup

Long the poster girl for the artsy indie crowd, her light touch voice fluttering through both records and beloved independent films, Zooey Deschanel is making the big move to mainstream, network TV.
Deschanel's sitcom pilot, "The New Girl," was picked up for next season by FOX on Tuesday night, meaning the actress will get her crack at charming a national audience. According to Deadline, in the show, Deschanel plays, "an unlucky-in-love elementary school teacher who moves away from her former boyfriend and in with three unruly guys."
In other words, fulfilling the unlikely fantasies of a lot of potential male 18-34 viewers.
Deschanel made her excitement about the pickup known all over the internet, tweeting last night "I am thrilled that our show got picked up & so excited to work with this great group of people!also know I'm getting humblebragged. whatevs."
Often cast as the sarcastic best friend or quirky object of affection, Deschanel has made her biggest on-screen impact thus far in the 2009 romantic darling "(500) Days of Summer," which paired her, a hard-to-get dream girl, with an earnest Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She played a small part as Belladonna in the recent stoner fantasy "Your Highness," starring Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman, and she'll play one of Paul Rudd's three beleaguered sisters in the upcoming "Our Idiot Brother."

Hesher': Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Natalie Portman

There is an awkward tension in the air between the titular nihilist Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hesher and oppressed beat Natalie Portman's clerk Nicole, but the set of their new indie dramedy "Hesher," it's all kind words and good feelings between the two.

Ready for this weekend, Gordon-Levitt stars Portman and release in the history of anarchist and a checkout clerk who become best friends of a 13-year-old boy grieving for his mother. Portman, in her new course of work behind the scenes, helped the film, one of many reasons why Gordon-Levitt sings her praises in this new interview with PopSugar produce.

"Natalie's just someone I've admired since I saw 'The Professional'," he admitted. "She is such a great actor, and yes, they produced 'Hesher," it is the first film's production company has produced, and what a cool thing to do with that. If you're Natalie Portman, you can produce some Hollywood big money maker, but they chose to do this movie because they believed in the story and they believed in the filmmaker. It's the kind of movie that would not necessarily get without a little help from someone like her. "

Portman's company, Handsome Charlie Films, set up shortly to give life to women based on comedies and indie films.

Gordon-Levitt, who will soon start shooting "The Dark Knight transcends," was just cast as Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of the 16th president, the next Spielberg's epic biopic 'Lincoln'.

Donny and Marie Invited to See Book of Mormon

Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells, the incredibly talented two lead actors of the monster Broadway hit, "The Book of Mormon," tell me Donny and Marie Osmond have an "open invitation " to come and see the show whenever they want.

Chat with both Tony Award-nominated actor backstage LXTV, it was obvious that they could not be prouder to be part of the show. That said, nor have to hold their breath about getting Donny and Marie, proud members of the LDS Church, to come out and the controversial and hilarious show.

Osama Bin Laden and the Terror of Narcissism

Osama Bin Laden was angry. Osama Bin Laden was feared. He was also, it seems, a sort of pathetic. Among the items U.S. troops pulled out of the compound of the terrorist leader last week, videos of Bin Laden in a blanket, watching himself on television. If true reports, the warlord is seen as "a vain pathetic old man." When I put this in the New York Times read, I immediately thought of the 1990 song "Mr. Jones" by the band Counting Crows: "When I watch TV, I want to see me staring back at me."
And what did the old fox was seen not only himself, but a younger version. U.S. forces confirm that bin Laden was his beard die, to manage his image to appear more vibrant to his supporters around the world.

Should not we be really surprised. The nature of evil, ultimately, is narcissism. And the end result of our narcissism is always evil. Sometimes it hurt to see in preening and offers. Other times can be seen in the ease with which one takes offense. Sometimes the offense even morphs into a crusade or jihad, around the world or in your office or church foyer closet.

Essayist David Brooks, picking up the contemporary psychological models of clinical narcissism, the narcissist has found that the self is "the sacred center of all that is holy and right." This then affects how the narcissist receives criticism and personal insults.

"If someone treats him pejoratively, he sees that as a deliberate and brutal attack," Brooks writes. "If someone threatens his reputation, he considers it an act of blasphemy."

Blasphemy is exactly the right word. The reason the offense, whether American troops in Saudi Arabia or the boss' forget to to invite you for Christmas, is so all-consuming for some, because it is an attack on a god and a rich, self - image.

Reports Of Mortgage Fraud Rose To Record Level Last Year

Nevada has cleaned up its act when it comes to cases of mortgage fraud, according to a new report.
For the third consecutive year Nevada has stayed in the top 10 states in cases of mortgage fraud and deception. The report of the LexisNexis Mortgage Asset Research Institute just one top 10 list releases, but Nevada exclusion is an indication that mortgage fraud has declined in the state and is even lower than it should be based on the volume of loans, said Jennifer Butts, the institute's manager of data processing and co-author of the report.
Butts said that usually a reflection that state regulators, institutions and others have a good job of monitoring and preventing fraud to do.
"It seems that the supervisors and others do their jobs and attention," said Butts.
Despite the improvement over the last two years, Nevada remains No. 2 in the nation in LexisNexis fraud index that looks at the cases between 2006 and 2010. Cases of mortgage fraud contributed to the run-up in values ​​in southern Nevada housing market that eventually led to the nation's leading foreclosure rate and collapse of the price.
The index is determined by the reports of mortgage companies, credit institutions, brokers and insurers.
Florida was No. 1 in fraud cases by loans originated in 2010. It was followed by New York and California.
Florida is also ranked No.1 in the cumulative list from 2006 to 2010. After Nevada's No. 2 ranking Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland and Virginia.
Nationally, reports of fraud and material misrepresentation fell 41 percent between 2009 and 2010, the first time a decline in some years, Butts said.
The decrease does not necessarily refer to cases of mortgage fraud, which industry sources say is still increasing, Butts said.
The decline brings the number of cases reported to 2006 levels, she said. The decrease of the reports is believed to be attributed to a decline in loan originations, fewer available resources to investigate and incidents and a stronger network that encourages professionals to report fraud to report, Butts said.

Oil futures fall As Traders Await US supply Data

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) - Crude oil futures fell Wednesday, pulling back from gains seen in the previous session as traders await the release of a U.S. government report expected an increase in crude supplies to show. June crude / quotes/comstock/21n f: cl \ m11 CLM11 -2.09%, a decrease of $ 1.70, or 1.6%, to $ 102.18 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The Energy Information Administration's weekly supply report will be at 10:30 Eastern. Analysts polled by Platts expect the EIA to an increase of 1.6 million barrels of crude oil inventories to show.

Is Africa inspired Bob Marley film?

Kevin Macdonald, the Oscar-winning director, said he was inspired to his documentary about reggae star Bob Marley while filming in Africa.
The film, named Marley, is the story of the biggest reggae star, who died 30 years ago at the height of his fame.
Kevin told Screen Magazine: "When I was working on The Last King of Scotland in Uganda, I remember looking in the slums of Kampala and seeing flags with his face and hearing reggae pumping out. Everywhere you go in the world Marley speaks to people. "
The film, which will be reviewed at the Cannes Film Festival, the director sees a trip to Jamaica, India and the U.S. to discover the story behind the star and contains an interview with reggae veteran Lee "Scratch" Perry.
Kevin won an Oscar in 2000 for his documentary One Day In September, the murder by Palestinian terrorists of the Israeli athletes at the Olympics in 1972.
He has enjoyed success with Hollywood climbing film Touching the Void and a remake of the TV thriller State Of Play.
The Last King Of Scotland starred Forest Whitaker as brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.

Tsa Baby Pat down Photographer

A baby allegedly receiving a pat-down by airport security has ignited debate over whether screening procedures have gone too far.
The photo tweeted by Rev. Jacob Jester was taken at the Kansas City International Airport Saturday after he cleared security.
The photo shows a baby - only a few months old - is held by a woman and searched by two Transportation Security Administration agents. The family in question has not been identified.
"Just saw # tsa agents in a small petting baby @ KCIAirport pretty sure that's extreme," Jester tweeted.
The baby's stroller off an alarm during a screening for explosives, the TSA said.
Although the Kansas City Airport makes use of screening agents of Primary Transportation Security, a company used by the TSA, they still meet TSA guidelines.
The TSA the following statement following the screening:
"TSA has reviewed the screening of this family and determined that the appropriate officials of the current screening procedures. Per protocol, officers had to conduct extra screening on the family after the child's stroller alarmed when explosives screening followed. The family was very cooperative and the process was completed without incident. "
The TSA has said that children are not excluded from the security screening and that the agency is reviewing ways to improve the procedures for "low-risk populations, including younger passengers."
Travelers have different opinions on the measures taken at the airport.
Better safe than sorry ..., "Richard Kolie passenger told ABC News affiliate KMBC Kansas City." Parents are cooperative and did not seem to bother. There are many crazies in the world and you never know what will happen. "
"It seemed kind of pushy, but in this day and time and what the world I can understand," Beaty Pamela told KMBC. "On the other hand, if that was my baby, I'm not sure I could handle it .
Still, Jester felt the pat-down too far.
"An 8-month-old is not a threat to the aircraft or national security. I am grateful for the willingness of TSA and the desire to protect, but I believe in this case was extreme," said Jester the Kansas City Star .

Royal Honeymoon Reportedly Begins In Seychelles

So waiting for a royal honeymoon was not long after all.Prince William and his wife, the former Catherine Middleton, has left for a honeymoon at a secret location, palace officials said yesterday declined to elaborate on where or how long. They have also requested that the young couple's privacy be respected at this time.

British media coverage had been sprayed in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. William has two weeks leave from his job as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, but palace officials would not say whether the couple will be gone the whole two weeks.

After the media blitz surrounding their April 29 wedding at Westminster Abbey, the couple made it clear that they want to be left alone by photographers. Still, their decision to delay a honeymoon surprise many. While William went back to work, Middleton - now the Duchess of Cambridge - was broken by photographers shopping close to home of the couple at the remote Welsh island of Anglesey.

The idea of ​​a getaway Seychelles gained traction when the Hamburg, Germany-based real estate mogul Farhad Vladi told the daily Hamburger Abendblatt he had rented the North Island in the Seychelles chain to the Windsors.

"Yes, we rent the island to the British royal family,''Vladimir told the newspaper." Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon there. But you will understand that we have nothing further to say.''

The Seychelles consist of 115 islands about 1,000 miles east of the Kenyan coast. A popular luxury destination, the island nation lies outside the cyclone belt, so severe storms are rare.

Euphemism Watch: Callista And Newt Gingrich ‘Had A Nontraditional Start

Callista Gingrich, who is "perhaps best remembered for the affair six years that have contributed to the political demise of her husband," is now expected to play an important role in the presidential campaign of her husband, the New York Times.

It is "a remarkable story of Washington reinvention" in which the Georgia congressman off "counts on the third Mrs. Gingrich for his political salvation."

"Gingrich is presenting itself as a family man who has found God and embraced Catholicism, and his wife as a kind of character witnesses. Depending on your point of view, it is a reminder of his complicated past, or his secret political weapon."...

Jermaine Dupri Sued Over Child Support Payments

An Atlanta-area woman complains music producer Jermaine Dupri on missed child support payments after a magistrate ordered him to pay her.
Fulton County Superior Court Judge Margaret Dorsey said the Grammy-winning producer in March to $ 2,500 per month and an additional $ 7.500 payable at Sarai Jones, based on the results of a paternity test.
Jones' attorney, Randy Kessler, said Jones hopes that she and Dupri "can work together to co-parent their beautiful baby girl," who is 7 months old.
Dupri's lawyer, James Kane, declined comment.
The lawsuit was filed at a time when Dupri's financial problems. His house was in foreclosure and set to be auctioned last week, but the sale was canceled at the last minute.
WSB-TV obtained records from the Georgia Department of Revenue, said that Dupri owes the state more than $ 493,000 in back taxes for 2007.
Based on his 2006 income, said Dupri was one of the top hip-hop's big earners, taking home $ 12 million.
Dupri has hits for artists like Usher and Mariah Carey, and had a seven-year relationship with R & B singer Janet Jackson, which ended a few years ago. He lives in the Atlanta area.

Heart Attack Grill Trademark Lawsuit

An Arizona restaurant trademark suit against the 2nd Ave Deli's "Instant Heart Attack Sandwich" is full of baloney, according to a federal lawsuit Tuesday.
The Heart Attack Grill, which "proudly serves unhealthy and excessive calorie dishes like burgers, fries cooked in lard," claims in a letter that the famous New York Deli won his idea for the sandwich and a planned "Triple Bypass Sandwich."
The 2nd Ave Deli, fought back with a lawsuit asking a federal judge to declare that no copyright infringement.
The New York Deli says it's her version of the sandwich-home sales - of two large potato pancakes (latkes) served with a choice of corned beef, pastrami, turkey, or salami piled high - since 2004, while the Arizona eatery is only Open since 2005.
The Phoenix-based grill, which actually sells stacks of cheeseburgers is definitely not kosher and suitable for the customer base 2nd Ave Deli, Deli according to the press release titled "Kiss My Tuchas."
"There is no way that the" Instant Heart Attack Sandwich "could be confused with the" Triple Bypass Burger "said Jeremy Lebewohl, whose uncle, Abe Lebewhohl, founded the delicacies.
The Heart Attack Grill, which is a single, double, triple and quadruple bypass burgers functions, threatened to sue in a letter to the deli, also known as "Uncle Abies," on March 29.
"We believe that you copied Heart Attack Grill family of medically themed food, including the bypass brands," the letter said in part. "While copying is the highest form of flattery, in the case of Uncle Abies, Copy the Heart Attack Grill is a trademark violation of federal trademark law. "
Yesterday lawsuit brought by the 2nd Ave Deli, now located on 33rd Street between Third and Lexington Avenue, requesting a judge to declare any infringement and unspecified court costs.
Heart Attack Grill Quadruple Bypass Burger
Four beef burgers piled high
Eight slices of cheese
Purchase with "Flatliner Fries" fried in pure lard

2nd Ave Deli Sandwich's Heart Attack
Two large potato pancakes (latkes)
Choice of corned beef, pastrami, turkey, or salami
Purchase with matzo ball soup

Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szohr Dropped as Gossip Girl regulars

Looks like Taylor Momsen will be much more time to concentrate on her musical career. The actress / singer will not return to "Gossip Girl" next season. And when they look for someone else to the Pretty Reckless included is Jessica Szohr also looking for work. She will not return to The CW drama's fifth season.
TV Line reports that the ladies are no longer series regulars, but have been invited as guest stars (that sounds pretty vague to us). So who made the cut? Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford will all be back for more drama. And, it seems that Taylor's loss is Kaylee and Jessica's delay to get. She was promoted to a series regular.
If Hollywood Crush Taylor said one month ago, she alluded to the fact that they are not even sure if she would make her star-making turn as Little Jenny reprise. "We do not even know if we picked up for next season," she said. "So do not plan on seeing Jenny anytime soon, but in the future who knows?
"What can I say," she continued. "The show is very, very supportive of the band, and you physically can not do both simultaneously. I can not on the set and then tour in France or anywhere else. So they write me out of the storylines and the fact that I am on tour, and I really have to thank them for that, so you will not see me for a while. "

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Indonesia:plane crashes off Papua

There were no survivors of the crash of an Indonesian passenger plane into the sea with up to 27 people aboard, a navy officer said.

The plane went to sea in bad weather shortly before the runway serving the small port of Kaimana, in the eastern province of West Papua.

Fifteen bodies have been recovered by rescuers searching for survivors.

The Indonesian archipelago is heavily dependent on air transport and has one of the worst air safety records in Asia.

"I can confirm that all passengers were slain when the plane exploded as it crashed into the sea," the unnamed naval officer, who participated in the search and rescue operation, told ElShinta radio.

"The aircraft was beaten to pieces ... We have found 15 bodies floating on the water and the other passengers are trapped in the wreck."

Ministry of Transport official Bambang Being told AFP news agency there were 21 passengers and six crew members aboard the twin turbo-prop aircraft operated by Merpati Airlines, which flew from the coastal city of Sorong.

Indonesia has seen a number of commercial airline crashes in recent years.

In 2007, the European Union banned all Indonesian airlines including national carrier Garuda.

In 2009, Garuda and three other carriers taken from the EU list, but remains on Merpati Airlines.

Contador focuses on giro d italia,directs pressure on Nibali

Italy (UN) - Alberto Contador says he does not let his ongoing Clenbuterol case to distract his attention come in the Giro d'Italia and defended his right to stand in line for the start of the season Saturday the first grand tour.

Riders from a number of teams left out of the Giro d'Italia because of unanswered questions about possible links to doping, including BMC's Alessandro Ballan and Mauro Satambrogio and riders from Lampre, but Contador said his case is different.

"I do not know the situation with the other riders, but my situation is different," Contador said at a news conference Friday. "I know what is going on in my case. I've been cleared and I am hopeful for a favorable outcome. You can not make comparisons between that case and mine."

Contador is back on the Giro for the first time since winning the maglia rosa in 2008 but started the race under controversial circumstances in the case of clenbuterol are continuing last year's Tour de France is still unresolved.

Contador has been officially approved for racing since February, when the Spanish cycling federation decided in his favor. Both UCI and the World Anti-Doping Agency's appeal that decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

CAS officials have said they hope the caso Contador requirement for the start of the Tour in July, but will certainly not before the Giro is complete. CAS, the Spanish federation could decide whether to ban him two years and disqualification from the 2010 Tour title.

On Friday, Contador said all he can do is focus on the Giro and hope that the sport court agrees with his argument that the traces of clenbuterol were found in his system after eating contaminated meat.

"I'd rather not think about it and I'm only focused on the sporting aspect now," Contador told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "The case for CAS is ahead, but I have full confidence in the people who work for me and that a favorable result."

Contador said he returned to the Giro in part because of his business, but he also said he hopes to race the Tour de France.

"It is possible to do both. I also think of the Tour as well," he said. "But now I am on the Giro and I'm not thinking about anything else."

Contador is also trying to relieve himself and direct it toward Vincenzo Nibali as the top favorite for the Giro starts Saturday with victory as a team time trial in Turin.

The Spanish rider said the weight of the Italians to enter the race, despite heavy pressure on Contador the Giro to win.

"Others have more pressure than I like Vincenzo Nibali and Michele Scarponi. Geox Even with Menchov. It is their big race of the year. They have more pressure than I do," said Contador. "All riders try to push the others and in this case it is my turn. In 2009, the same team with Lance Armstrong, I was busy. Now everyone expected me to win, but I come to this Giro with a different mindset. I'm very excited and motivated, but I will from day to day. "

Nicki Minaj Drops 'Super Bass' Video

Young Money diva Nicki Minaj is still high drive off the success of her debut album Pink Friday and with her fifth official single "Super Bass", the curvy beauty reveals her more sensitive side when she playfully chases in a handsome potential suitor by of her feminine wiles. The video, like Minaj itself, nothing but color. From riding on the back of a motorcycle made of ice, Nicki Minaj lookalike backup dancers and a neon-lit strip tease dance sequence, it is an amazing visual matter if nothing else.

Excited fans and the necessary adversaries weighed on the video, offering mixed opinions across the web and especially on Twitter. Even with Nicki shows a girly and whimsical side of himself, seemed an even distribution of the approval of the clip. "It was a cute video. Simple and girly, tweeting @ AshleyNotOlsen.

Almost immediately after the positive words, @ Jubilance1922 offered a simple and concise, "my pleasure." However, @ JameliaTweeties Tweet earned herself a top nod with her glowing words. "Ok so, Nicki Minaj is IT! Have you seen her" Super Bass "Video! I [love], they look great Gymspiration #, #, and the boys Yummy!" She said.

The video does not fare well with fans on the website with some fans flat out hurling insults and barbs Downing clip with verve. One commenter agreed with: "[W] tf was that she was high .... cuz that video looked cheap Hellz (lol)" while another added, "[A] sa grown ass man, I could not be caught dead listening to this s - t in the whip ... ... this is definitely just for the ladies ... .. This is not hip hop ... damn ... this is just old pop music. "

An excited fan countered the critics with "I LUV NICK yea this video! Lil Kim FQK 4 U RITE NOW ISSSSSHHHH DUH! "- Perhaps highlighting the gap between fans of enemies of the Queens native and passing the crown to the 'right through me" star in the same breath.

Cabela's First Oregon Store

Cabela's officially opens the doors of its Springfield, Ore., store - the first in Oregon - on Thursday, May 5
Do not expect a ribbon cutting: instead, Cameron Hanes, host of Outdoor Channel "Every Chronicles", who instead of cutting the ribbon, it will shoot with bow and arrow.
The grand opening ceremony is scheduled for 4 hours in Gateway Mall and will be comments from Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg and Cabela's Chief Executive Officer Tommy Millner, among other special guests.
The opening day festivities, with live music by local country band starting Bump in the road about 2 hours, are only the beginning of the celebration of the company from his 33rd save.
During the three days after the opening ceremony, will host Cabela over a dozen outdoor television personalities such as hunting and fishing experts at the Springfield store.
Troy Landry and his guest Jacob the History Channel's "Swamp People," and Fred and Michele Eichler, Sportsman Channel hosts several programs.
Cabela's, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, will also hold several giveaways opening day start to run until May 1915. The company will award more than $ 35,000 in prizes including a New Mexico elk hunting, an Alaskan fishing trip, a Cabela's Drift boat, a 50th anniversary Browning Citori Cabela's 12-gauge shotgun and other hunting, fishing and camping equipment.
The Springfield location is the second of three stores to open at the Cabela's Golden Jubilee year outfitter.
Allen, Texas, store was opened on April 14. Cabela's will open a store in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this summer.
The 58,000-square-foot store in Springfield 2800 Gateway Street anchors the west side of Gateway Mall retail space previously occupied by Ashley Furniture.
The building exterior reflects traditional store Cabela's model, while the interior highlights of the company effective next generation layout with murals of famous natural features in Oregon, including Crater Lake, and trophy animal mounts, including a record-breaking taken Roosevelt elk in Benton County in 2002.
Store hours Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 9 hours and 9 hours to 7 hours on Sunday.
Opening weekend events and guests

CJ Buck
President and CEO of Buck Knives
Friday, May 6, 3 - seventeen
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - noon & 2 - seventeen

Fred Eichler
Host of Easton Bowhunting TV and Predator Nation
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - fifteen

Michele Eichler
Host Muzzy's Bad to the Bone Bowhunting TV
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - fifteen

Scott Haugen
Cabela's Pro Staff and host of Trijicon's Game Chasers
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Ron Hood
Buck Knives Pro Staff
Friday, May 6, 3 - seventeen
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - noon & 2 - seventeen

Mike Jenkins
Cabela's Pro Staff and Professional Guide Each
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Larry D. Jones
Bowhunters Hall of Fame Member
Friday, May 6, 3 - eighteen
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 1 - sixteen

Kenda Lenseigne
Cowboy Mounted Shooting World and National Champion
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Brian O'Keefe
Cabela's Pro Staff and Certified Master Fly Fishing Instructor
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Bill "Swanny" Swann
Northwest Legendary Fishing Icon
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Jim and Donna Teeny
Fly Fishing Experts
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - fifteen

Dez Young
Host Dash in Upland and Upland Days with Dash and Dez
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 10 am - fifteen

Kristy Titus
Under Armour ® Athlete's Arsenal
Thursday, May 5, 4 - eighteen
Friday, May 6, 1 - fifteen

Cameron Hanes
Under Armour ® Athlete's Arsenal
Thursday, May 5, 4 - eighteen
Friday, May 6, 9 am - noon

Troy and Jacob Landry
TV's Swamp People
Saturday, May 7, 10 am - noon & 2 - seventeen

Babe Winkelman
Founder and CEO of Babe Winkelman Productions
Friday, May 6, 3 - eighteen
Saturday, May 7, 10 - 11:30 & 3 - 16:30

Pete Gerber
Founder of Gerber Knives, log
Saturday & Sunday, May 7 and 8, 9-11 am & 2-3 pm

Chris Cummings
Wildlife Artist
Sunday, May 8, 10 am - fourteen

Susan Bourdet
Wildlife Artist
Sunday, May 8, 10 am - fourteen

Learn how to extend the life of your boots
Meeting the Danner Recrafting Experts
Friday - Sunday, May 6 to 8 from 11 hours - three hours in the shoe industry department

Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley

MANILA, Philippines - There is no doubt Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao and former three-division champion Shane Mosley are among the best boxers of their generation.

On Sunday (Manila time), they'll try to knock out in a battle to be watched by millions around the world.

Reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao will try to prove that he is, indeed, the king of the 147-pound division.

Mosley, on the other hand, will try to show that the naysayers in 39 years, he still has what it takes to be a world champion.

ABS-CBN ANC fastball down with Bill Velasco, Boyet Sison and Boom Gonzales and veteran boxing analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz in a head-to-head comparison of the two warriors.

We asked them about Pacquiao against Mosley and disadvantages in terms of boxing skills, punching power, speed, durability, stamina, experience and angle.

Boxing skills

Velasco: Napakaganda ng ni Manny defense. Secondly, his footwork is really great. He showed ever since Oscar de la Hoya fight. He was able to escape from being attached to the rope. He will be able to implement this strategy.

Nathanielsz: Pacquiao moves very well, head movements, in and out. His punches come from every corner. It is slightly higher than Shane Mosley. Sugar Shane has the skills, but decreased with age. He is 39, he will be 40 in September, so relatively, Pacquiao has the advantage.

Gonzales: Si Manny, every time he goes to a fight, he offers something new. Whether it's a defensive move at some point, maybe a new weapon, possibly a right hand. He has better footwork ... I'd give the edge to Manny, we've already seen what Sugar Shane's condition, and that's pretty much the post, huh.

Sison: In the past, especially if Pacquiao a wild bull from the gate and let all hell break loose. Now he methodically. He has learned the art of studying his opponent as the game progresses. He has learned to control how emotional he is like a fighter if the fight goes on.


Velasco: In terms of clout, I would say it somewhat. Pero the determining factor would have the hand speed of Manny. Mosley is pretty old compared to Manny, and is not impressive in his last three fights. The fear that most people would have in this fight is that kahit malakas si sumuntok Mosley Pang, if your goal is gone, bale wala rin.

Nathanielsz: That's really Manny Pacquiao because he is in favor of proven time and time again he has power in both hands. He originally left his right, but now he has the right hook to the body, probably stronger than his left. Sugar Shane Mosley is basically strong with the right hand goes down. But when he slowed down again. For me, your power is accentuated by your speed.

Gonzales: When it comes to power, Mosley is certainly strong. He has fought tough fighters in his league, so Rin Hindi Biro. Manny Pacquiao in this weight class (welterweight), he has proven that he can box with them, he can box with the [Miguel] Cottos, [Antonio] Margaritos, [Joshua] Clottey. But he has also shown that he trouble them down, leading them away. Kasi these are legitimate welterweight fighters.


Nathanielsz: Mosley had this benefit before, years ago. As a lightweight, he's very fast, but no longer. Now, he's more aware. He put his body behind his punches. He does not have nearly the speed he has done. And Pacquiao is the fastest man in boxing today.

Gonzales: I still think Manny has that factor. Maganda ang kay Manny, 'yung sa awareness Niya, hindi nawawala ang lakas. Hindi ito 'yung pitter-patter punches. There is power in every shot, that's why I think that's an advantage for Manny.

Sison: Speed ​​has been Manny's. But speed is nothing like the person who can take the punch.


Velasco: That would be for me the only question mark kay Mannym, because if you remember, he got hurt in his fight against Antonio Margarito, and frankly, Margarito fight was only about 80% because it was a catch to fight ( 150 pounds). In this case, Mosley also a durable fighter. If he can take punches from Manny in the first 4 laps, can he last the fight. D'yan ang takot ko long as Manny can be hit.

Nathanielsz: One thing you have to say about Sugar Shane Mosley, his jaw is strong. He has never been knocked out. He can punch. Pacquiao is vulnerable when he is young, 17 or so. But after that he settled down. But you know, if Filipino adults, their jaws stronger. Pacquiao sometimes raw courage overcomes the pain and that is how he takes blows. Both fighters can strike.

Gonzales: Dito AKO can kaunting Kaba. Kasi nga si Manny in the last few fights, he shows, the audience actually indulgences, you know. Pinapakita after Niya Kaya niyang tanggapin. Ipinakita Niya ito kay Cotto, Clottey Kay, after Kay Lalo Margarito. I think if you talk about the body, perhaps Mosley has the advantage here in terms of sustainability. Pero kung pahabaan Laban ng 'yan' yung ni sustainability Mosley might suspect.

Sison: Sa Akin, mas matibay 'yung ni panga Mosley, marami nang tama tinanggap after Yan, eh. Pero 'yun nga ang labanan ngayon eh, how many tricks will each be able to land on the chin.


Velasco: No doubt, it is Manny's advantage especially considering he had tested in his last few fights. You look at the Cotto fight, the fight and then Clottey Margarito, mahabang distansya ang nilakad niyan, not early knockouts.

Nathanielsz: If the younger man, and the fact that he trained for two months, rigorous training, strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza is obviously an excellent job. Stamina-wise, he must prevail over Mosley, for he is the younger man.

Gonzales: Hands down, Manny Kay: age-wise, education wise, conditioning-wise, I think unanimously 'yun, Kay Manny. He's gone the full route with bigger fighters at malakas pa rin Siya.


Velasco: If you look Naman sa experience, Shane Mosley has much experience because he is older and has fought many battles in that class. But if you believe all the names of Pacquiao has fought in three different divisions in the fight against Erik Morales, the 2 against [Juan Manuel] Marquez and all other battles on his way to move upwards, the titles he collected, it could still be Manny's advantage.

Nathanielsz: "Sugar" Shane Mosley is the more experienced fighter because he remains in the company. But Pacquiao has gained his experience through different situations, especially by fighting bigger men. I think it even.

Gonzales: just in terms of time, the experience factor for Mosley. Pero yung mga 'quality fighters may Laban Naman si Pacquiao.


Velasco, in the last 15 Mosley's fights, he lost 6 and a line width of 1 after winning 38 in a row. So if you look at his record recently, apart from his surprise knockout of Margarito, Talaga wala Pang maipagmamalaki in the last few years. That tells me the strategy is lacking, not to maximize his power. I honestly think Freddie Roach is the best in the business, and Alex Ariza is the best in the conditioning. So that goes to Manny Pacquiao.

Nathanielsz: They have two different styles, Naazim Richardson is an excellent coach, and they have a very good relationship with Sugar Shane Mosley like Freddie Roach and Pacquiao. Freddie Roach has a slight edge because he and Pacquiao communicate very well and can trust implicitly.

Gonzales: Naazim is a great, great coach, but it is the combination of Freddie and Manny the trick. I read an article that hands down, they are the best boxer-trainer combination of all time. Freddie Roach is clearly going down in history as one of the best coaches of all time.

Kentucky Derby 2011

The 2011 Kentucky Derby kicks off on Saturday afternoon at Churchill Downs. Look at our race day story stream for wall-to-wall coverage of the race.
May 7, 2011 - It is the biggest day in horse racing as the finest three-year-olds take to the track at Churchill Downs for the 2011 Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon. The hats and horses will be in full force at Churchill Downs as massive crowds converge on the track to catch all the action. With a full day of the race, culminating in the functioning of the 137th Kentucky Derby, there's enough to keep hardcore and casual fan entertained.
Here is all you need to know for the race on Saturday.
Post time: The mail call for the 2011 Kentucky Derby is set for 6:24 p.m. EDT but is subject to change on the day of the competition.
TV coverage: As usual, NBC has coverage of the Kentucky Derby. The broadcast window begins at sixteen EDT. The Kentucky Derby undercard will be broadcast on Versus, beginning at 11 am EDT.

Odds: With Uncle Mo from scratch after the 2011 Kentucky Derby on Friday, The Chosen is the overwhelming favorite. The last probability can be found in our story derby stream. And of course, there are prop bet odds.
Area: 19 horses are entered in the Kentucky Derby and the field is finally. Uncle Mo was horse No. 20, set to start in the No. 18 pole position, but his open port will be taken by the soldiers and two horses on the outside of the position of Uncle Mo's every move in one place. A complete list of horses in the derby can be found here.
Preview: We have plenty of previews to parse through your caught up in the Kentucky Derby. Looking to bet on the derby? Here's the nuts and bolts of horse racing bets. We also have previews and race-week news in our Kentucky Derby story stream.
The 2011 Kentucky Derby post time is 6:24 p.m. (ET) on Saturday, May 7 and SB Nation has everything you need to prepare for it - current Derby odds, contender profiles, field updates and more. Do you find all that and much more on our 2011 Kentucky Derby story stream. Our horse racing blog and Down the stretch they come, two must-read resource for Derby fans: A Beginner's Guide To After Horse Racing and a glossary of terms horse racing.

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