Saturday, 21 April 2012

Snake Kiss

Olivia  got a big fat wet kiss snake  Cornbread.

Its an original pic of snake kissing.

Indian actress and model Mallika  Sherawat is keeping things interesting by pulling crazy stunts like necking a snake to promote  her new film Hisss.

Royal  Elementary Principal Shawnee Perry-Manley  lived up to its end of a pledge Friday by kissing a snake. Two months ago, the client  challenged the students to  enough books to 10,000  Accelerated Reader points to earn more. As you can see, the students met the objective and Perry-Manley kissed the snake.

Erik's  Israeli boss made ​​her kiss a snake on Purim ... She thought it was fake. Nope  ... it was real.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Side Tattoo Pictures

Side pose tattoos are very rare tattoos but looking cute & beautiful.There are some cute side pose tattoos.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lion And Lamb Tattoo

The lion symbolizes Edward,  and the lamb symbolizes  Bella, and when they fall in love, it was like a lion had fallen in love with a lamb. It's a metaphor.
It basically means someone strong and powerful (the lion) and someone who is weak and innocent (the lamb).

Tribal Tattoo on Shoulder

As everyone knows, tribal tattoos are great for drawing attention to our shoulder muscles, because they are often associated  with patterns, designs, and swirls that no one could easily ignore.
There are many reasons why boys and girls go crazy for tribal shoulder tattoos. First, it is not quite as painful as the other parts of the body, because the amount of muscle in this area. Our shoulder enough tissue to fill the skin during the tattooing process.
Houlder tribal tattoos inks of different patterns on the shoulders. The patterns can be of various designs such as the face of a tiger, angel the body of a verse in any language, fish, octopus, a symbol of love, a butterfly, a memorial tattoo, a flying cross, prince n princess, a flower , a unicorn, a raven, a dove, a tribal painting, a dragon, a fairy, a mythological beast, a symbol of spiritual and religious devotion, or what one may think on the face of this earth. Tattooing, including the shoulder Tribal Tattoos is a picture of a belief or a deeper meaning, apart from the symbolism and decoration. Each tattoo takes a deeper meaning of some source although the significance and symbolism would differ in different cultures and places.

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