Monday, 20 February 2012

asia argento tattoos

Asia Argento Tattoos

Angel - One of the most famous and most artistic pieces in the collection of tattoos Asia Argento is the angel who curtains on her belly with exquisite detail. The figure is taken from a piece by Delvaux, a Belgian painter and Argento added the wings. She says she only chose this location because they tried to hide from her father. When she finally left three years later, he said they could work in a circus now a tattooed wonder.

Eye - This is the piece that the gathering of Asia Argento tattoos began. She was 14 and on her first trip to Amsterdam (would be if she walked away). The tattoo on her shoulder and she was so high that they could not decide what kind of eyes she wanted to or where to put it, but the tattoo artist was very patient with her.

Hoses and Sun - directly over her ass is where you find the next on the list of Asia Argento tattoos. The two snakes were completed when she was 16, shooting Trauma in Minneapolis. The sun was added later, when she was 17. There is not a symbolic meaning in the piece, they just saw the snakes in Rome on a statue of Medusa and was intrigued.

Anna - Anna's name is written on her ribs. This tattoo is a tribute to her deceased sister.

23 - Next on the list of tattoos Anna Argento is number 23 on the back of her neck. Simply put, this is her lucky number, she was not aware of the mystical properties that the number of offers.

Others - Asia also has an M, the Ministry logo, a band and she has always loved as a cross on her left wrist.


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