Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Leann Rimes Tattoo

Rimes  later covered some of  Cline's hits on her self-titled album  "LeAnn Rimes".  LeAnn has 3 tattoos.We been seeing a lot of Lean Rimes in the tabloids lately, as the "Blue", "How Do I Live "and"  Swingin 'singer married Eddie Cibrian and its effect on his family have made her pretty solid gossip fodder. So with that said, it falls on to tell us about Leann Rimes tattoos, which are really underwhelming, but there are considerably  less. On her ankle, she had a kind of tribal band that looks like a random design, and on her hip, she "Still  I Rise" (the title of a Maya Angelou  poem). She also had designs drawn  and stenciled on her for a possible future  tattoo of her marriage  vows, who would say: "You gave me the courage to be honest. I promise to give you the comfort to trust.".


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