Saturday, 21 April 2012

Snake Kiss

Olivia  got a big fat wet kiss snake  Cornbread.

Its an original pic of snake kissing.

Indian actress and model Mallika  Sherawat is keeping things interesting by pulling crazy stunts like necking a snake to promote  her new film Hisss.

Royal  Elementary Principal Shawnee Perry-Manley  lived up to its end of a pledge Friday by kissing a snake. Two months ago, the client  challenged the students to  enough books to 10,000  Accelerated Reader points to earn more. As you can see, the students met the objective and Perry-Manley kissed the snake.

Erik's  Israeli boss made ​​her kiss a snake on Purim ... She thought it was fake. Nope  ... it was real.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Side Tattoo Pictures

Side pose tattoos are very rare tattoos but looking cute & beautiful.There are some cute side pose tattoos.

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