Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Birdman Tattoos

Birdman shows off his wrist tattoos he grabs a bag full of money. Probably about a million dollars or more to know Birdman because he i fly all weather conditions. Birdman blowing smoke is also pretty cool in this picture. Bird Mans Arm Tattoo looks sick.
The Birdman's tattoos on the hand are sweet. He has a flaming bag next to the words Money Cash Money. A 3 above with the addition also dollar signs.
Bird Man Star Tattos that he has on his head Blow Me Away. Birdman has a total of 5 stars tattooed on his head. Symbolize the Five Star G (5 * G) or Five Star Stunna. Only Birdman can get away with Tattoing Red Stars on the head and still YMCMB Fire Flame Spitter.
The Tear Tattoos & Teardrop Tattoos on the side of Bird Mans face to keep the Stunter Blooded at all times. Bddat to the B-hive blood gang & soo wooh lol. Birdman like the Red and Black to keep at all times because it's all red to the bottom floor.
Bird Mans Finger tattoos YMCMB read and that's a big maybe. Bird Mans Finger Tattoos might say or Mob Tired but Iced out his pinky ring and finger rings so they are difficult to see.


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