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Tatoo Designs Online

Tatoo designs are available on the web.Many of today's top designs do provide a wide range of their designs on the web so that others can see what they can do.For those who are looking for a tattoo,it is important to be careful about online designs.It is just as important to be careful about downloading and using these designs without permission from the artist.Both the individula getting the tattoo and the individual doing the tattoo can be legally responsible for such actions.Finding tattoo designs online is quite a good way to get ideas,though.

Locating & Find Images:
To find images and designs online,just use any search  engine.There are many of them abailable on the web ,though they are not always going to show you the best available.For example.if you want something unique,dig deeper into the search engine result to find unique  pictures others have yet to see.Many tattoo artist do place some of their designs on their websites.This is perhaps the best way to get ideas (remember not to copy any design yourself without havig written permission from the artist first.)

There are others resources available online for finding images.You may  wish to search photo websites.These are locations where you can downloading images for a small fee.You will need to contact the website to find out if using the design or image for a tattoo image is within their permissions provided to you .Most of the time ,this is a simple process of just reading the terms of use on the picture you download.

Tips for Designing Tattoos for Clients

Every tattoo artist is passionate about his or her tattoo designs.Most of the time,the client is just as excited and interested in getting just the right decision.Other times,You may feel that the client just connot make a decision about the tattoo's final design.When someone walks into your shop and requests a tattoo there are several things to do to make sure,the process goes as still e something that  you,yourself,are proud.

To help you,consider these tips when designing tattoos for clients.For every new tattoo artist,they can make working with client designs easier to do.

  • 1:
Allow them to bring in images.One thing that many websites are encouraging and that many individuals are doing more often is bringing in clip art,images or even photos from the web to their tattoo artists.Some artists do not like this thought.This can be beneficial to you,though.Allowing them to bring in an image gives them the ability to put the wheels into motion.You know what they want.

  • 2:
Designing mock ups is essential.Many tattoos artists will have tattoo designs on their walls displaying option for the client to choose.This is a great way to skip the design mock ups for a client,but onlyif they go,specially with what you offer.If the color scheme is off or it will change,be sure do a mock up.This eliminates many of the problems.

  • 3:
Offer advice.Some tattoo artists will take the information ,pictures and ideas from a client and just get to the process of getting the design on the body.Instead,offer advice.As an expert,you know what the look will look like on the body.You know the importance of the designs'size and body location will do to the tattoo.Give them advice so that when they leave your establishment,the finished results are right on what they expect.

Designing tattoos for clients is a process that can take some time to master.Yet,it is one of the most rewarding process to know that you created something unique and special for someone.The process takes patience and an understanding of people.The most successful artists have this.

Tips for Tattoo Design Making

To a professional tattoo artist,a tattoo is not jst another piece of art that you will never see again.It is one of the best ways to market your business.The  quality of the actual tattoo is important,but what really defines the way others see the tattoo is in the actual quality of the tattoo's design.The better you do with the design of the tattoo,the better the tattoo will serve for you business as a marketing tool.

About Tribute Tattoo Design

Tribute Tattoo  Design have a specific goal.They hold a special place on your body for someone that you have loved and lost.Perhaps you lost a brother in the war.You may have lost a friend to drunk driving or gang violence.Regardless of who has died,they are important to you and you want to give them a significant piece of you,quite literally.T accomplish this goal,find a tattoo parlor that you trust and really have a heart about the tattoo you would like for them to design for you.there are several things to keep in mind during this process.

what is Special Meaning Full Tatttoo Design?

sometimes it is best to choose a tattoo design that is particularly symbolic of the individual you wish to pay tribute.For example,a tattoo design for someone that has a love for wolves may be a wolf head or may want to consider an army or navy logo if the individual served in the army or navy and was passionate about it.Fire fighters,police officers and other such professions can be immortalized in this way, thing to be cautious about is the type of  death they had.For example,if a soldier wants to remember his fallen army friend keep in mind that an army related logo may bring up memories of the events witnessed there,which could be emotionally difficult anyone.

Tribute tattoo designs are by no means limited to these items.Be creative .Choose a design that fits the individual while still being true to you and your beliefs.The tattoo artist can then add to it,such as placing a sash or other banner over the top of the tattoo or in the corner to provide you a more specific way to remember them.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spurs meltdown lets Thunder take control of West finals

OKLAHOMA CITY — Midway through the third quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder's Game 4 rout of the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference finals, a debate broke out on press row that said everything about the drastic turn of events that continued Tuesday night at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

The question: Has Gregg Popovich ever looked so mad?

By the time the 105-92 win that tied the series 2-2 was over, he wasn't alone. Tony Parker, who played just six of his 26 minutes in the second half when Popovich benched his starters, sat stone-faced as he watched the one-sided affair unfold. Tim Duncan, who had a meltdown moment of his own in the third quarter when he could be seen flailing his arms and yelling toward coaches and guard Danny Green about the latest defensive mix-up, had gone from stoic to steamed as he sat helpless on the sideline. They had every reason to be angry, not to mention worried.
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BOX SCORE: Thunder 105, Spurs 92

Oklahoma City's win was its 12th in the past 14 games against the Spurs in which Thunder forward Serge Ibaka played, meaning this matchup is suddenly looking as one-sided as it did when the Spurs dominated those first two games in San Antonio while he was out with a calf strain. And after his dramatic return in Game 3 reminded the masses that he's the Jenga piece this Thunder puzzle just can't live without, the formula that has been so perplexing for the Spurs proved itself yet again.

The Spurs had talked endlessly after Game 3 about the need to be more aggressive, but halftime arrived with nary a fast-break point on their part (a shutout that continued in the second half). Instead, Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook was the one coming at them with his one-of-a-kind fury, turning in a 40-point, 10-rebound, five-assist performance that was an all-timer in his already-accomplished career. MVP Kevin Durant had his first MVP-type performance of the series, playing the part of aggressor while scoring 22 of his 33 points in a first half in which the Thunder led 58-43 while hitting 11 of 22 shots.

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"We didn't play smart on a consistent basis, and all of a sudden we were going to see if Serge could block a shot or something," Popovich said. "I thought about passing a picture out on the bench. They'd know who Serge was. But really unwise basketball all of a sudden. Instead of hitting open people that are out there, we started attacking the rim unwisely, and that turns into blocked shots. We had seven turnovers in the first half but really 14 because of the seven blocks. Those are all like turnovers.

"And so that precipitated the 20‑0 fast‑break points at game time. So you've got to play smarter against such great athletes. They're talented obviously, but the athleticism and the length gives you a small margin of error, and you'd better be smart the way you play, and you can't afford to screw that up as many times as we did. And I think we have to play harder. I think they're playing more physically than we are."

The mental games have unofficially begun.

There's simply no way the wrong kinds of questions aren't creeping into the minds of these Spurs right about now, what with the harsh reality of this situation so evident in the last two games and with so many news reporters always reminding them of the jaw-dropping statistics once the carnage comes to a close. There are two truths of this matchup that are about as close to absolute as you can come: The Thunder were done if Ibaka hadn't returned, and the Spurs — who trailed by as many as 27 points — simply can't keep up with them now that he's back.

"We have to be way smarter and sharper," said Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, who only played 11 minutes and had five points. "If we let them push us around and we're not strong with the ball, that's when they get us on our heels and we stop attacking the way we do. We know we've got to play games close to perfection (against them). We said it already, and the first two were really sharp. After that, we kind of stopped. Both games here, they just outplayed us."

He left out the Ibaka elephant in the room, of course, but that remains the epic tide-turner here. He was productive in his second game back, finishing with nine points, eight rebounds and three blocks. But as always, it wasn't about his individual line as much as it was the ripple effect he has on the rest of this Thunder roster.

The Spurs had just 36 points in the paint — four fewer in the Game 1 first half that seemed to send a doomsday message the Thunder's way before Ibaka's shocking return. Duncan had just nine points, marking the first time he scored in single digits in a playoff game since a Game 2 loss to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals loss that haunts them still.

And therein lies the irony: it's a safe bet that collapsing against the Heat is the farthest thing from the Spurs' minds right about now.

"It's a great challenge, and they're playing well against us," Parker said. "We just have to go out there and play better. I don't know how to explain it. It's the Western Conference finals. We're playing a great team and going back home. We just have to find a way to win."


How to Use Tinder Like A Pro

inder is fast taking over the likes of OKCupid and as the go-to dating service, seeing some 750 million swipes (passes or likes) a day. The location-based app for iOS and Android serves up matches close by to make it easier to meet someone in your area. It also taps into your Facebook account. Here's how you can use Tinder to find a match.

1. Download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Sign in with your Facebook account. You'll need this to use Tinder, since it pulls information from your Facebook,  such as your friends and likes, to set up your profile.

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The app won't post to Facebook without your permission, so none of your friends need to know you're on the app if you don't want them to know.

Editing Your Profile

1. Tap the three-line Menu button on the top left to edit your profile.

2. Select Profile.

3. Hit Edit at the top right.

By default, Tinder pulls your profile picture from Facebook along with four other random pictures of you from the social network to adorn your page. It also imports your description from the social network. You can change all this, but images have to come from Facebook.

4. Press the X symbol at the bottom right corner of each thumbnail to remove that picture.

5. Tap the Plus sign on an empty picture slot to import a photo from Facebook. We recommend a mix of photos that show both your face and your body, as well as shots of you having fun. Big smiles also help get likes.

6. Edit your description by tapping the words in the About field. You have 500 characters for this section. Try writing something that shows off your personality, or making it clear what you're looking for from a potential match.

7. Hit Done at the top right when you're satisfied with your profile.

Setting Your Match Preferences

1. Select Settings from the left Menu.

2. Set your gender as well as your preferences for matches that Tinder shows you, including their distance from you, age range and gender.

Browsing and Matching

1. Go to the Home page to see who Tinder has found for you.

Tinder presents potential candidates in a deck of cards. Each card shows a person's first profile picture and their first name, age, number of shared friends and likes you have with them below it. Their number of pictures available is also displayed, and if you have friends in common, an alert pops up on the card.

2. Swipe left to pass on someone and swipe right if you like a match. If that's too confusing, you can also use the X and Heart buttons below each picture to pass and like someone respectively. Note: There is no Undo option, so once you've passed on someone there is no way to see their profile again.

If you need more information before deciding whether you like someone, you can see more information and pictures on their profile.

3. Tap the person's picture or the Info button in between the X and Heart symbols to view his or her profile.

On this page, you can swipe through all their pictures at the top and see who you know and what you like in common. You'll also see their description of themselves or what they're looking for. From here, you can tap the X or Heart buttons at the top right to pass or like the person.

4. Select Send Message after you've matched with someone to start chatting. A screen pops up after you like someone who's already liked you or when someone likes you back. You can only talk with people you like who've liked you too.

5. View all your matches and chats by swiping in from the right or tapping the chat balloon icon at the top right.


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