Sunday, 20 November 2011

Henna Designs For Hands 2011

Here are some cute & attarctive henna tattoos which are famous tattoos in 2011.Thses tattoos are more popular in women & girls.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Treble Clef Tattoo Designs

Treble  Clef Tattoo mean "A Lover Of Music". Treble Clef tattoo designs are a symbol near and dear to the hearts of music lovers. The G-key is a symbol at the beginning of a staff, the five horizontal lines that we all recognize as the formation of a  bar of music. The Treble Clef  is sometimes referred to as  the "G" key for its shape. The Treble  Clef is located at the beginning of a staff member to place  the pitch of the notes on the lines and spaces of the staff it.

Angel And Cherub Tattoos Designs

Despite  the impressive inner circle  angel of God, the cherubim,  is traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, the historic transformation to the chubby  little cherub is less easy to recognize. That's probably because it has not changed in the other. Instead,  they existed side by side  for centuries.
Of the many tattoo designs and symbols with a religious theme, two are in the popularity, angels and the cross. Angels are a powerful tattoo picture, because they profess the faith and offer the wearer a sense of protection and guidance. And angels are among the most popular of the angel tattoo designs.
A cherub or cherubim, angels are depicted as babies or young children, mostly boys. Historically, a human form with winged figures pre-date even the Bible, back to Assyrian myths and legends. The winged figures were often sent as messengers or guides. In Hebrew cherubim were supernatural entity mentioned several times in the Old Testament and the Torah.

Lilies Tattoo Designs

At some point in our lives, we would experience the joy of appreciating the beauty of flowers, the joy in giving of flowers and the excitement of receiving them. A flower itself has no meaning, just like a cat or a fish. But it is the human emotion that a particular value to IT and our interpretation gives a consistent meaning over time. For example, you see a man giving a bouquet of red roses to his admiration and love with a woman again. But you will hardly see anyone with the same bunch of red roses on a funeral. The meaning of the same flower would evoke different emotions with different consequences for different contexts.
It's the same with flower tattoos. Other flower tattoos would call a different emotion, and therefore a different meaning to the viewer. Not only the women get tattoos of flowers, some men like to ink them. Most flowers have acquired a meaning consistent over time, but if you combine it with another object in a tattoo, the meanings have changed completely. Do you have a black rose with a chain around it as a tattoo on the chest of a man? Do you think the flower tattoo would love or hate might mean?
The whiteness of the lily's long white petals speaks of purity, innocence and chastity. At the same time and in different cultures, the trumpet-like flower called associations of erotic love and procreation. Clearly, the lily is one of the most ambiguous of all flower symbols. Christians took possession of the symbol on the basis of the Sermon on the Mount and it's "lilies of the field" passage. Think how beautiful they grow, but "they toil not." God gives, that is the message, and the lily emerges as a symbol of faith and surrender to God's grace. Liturgical, the lily is a symbol of Easter and of Christ himself , of resurrection and immortality. It is evocative smell, the smell of chastity.

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