Monday, 20 February 2012

carmelo anthony tattoos

Carmelo Anthony has several tattoos on his arms and shoulders that much press in Denver gets together with his other teammates "Birdman" Andersen and JR Smith. I have seen Carmelo adding tattoos on his body since he joined the NBA. He did not prove to be a Lebron James, but he was a very good NBA basketball player. He had a baby LaLa from MTV and cut his braids to show that he is a much more mature young player. I do not think he has more tats get anytime soon.
Some of the tattoos on his right arm among other things, a flaming basketball with the letters "CA", the classic "Smile Now Cry Later" faces, but with a dagger in the head of the crying face.

He also has a snake around a dagger on the outer part of his right forearm, along with a few stars and "Who can I trust" on his biceps.

Some of the tattoos on his left arm, a bulldog with playing cards in the background, his nickname 'Melo' with a flaming tribal tattoo designs of species.

Some other tattoo designs include Carmelo Anthony's, a spider on his left elbow, "WB" just below his left shoulder, which stands for "West Baltimore".

Melo also has several phrases tattooed on his chest, one of which reads "No struggle, no progress."


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