Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Audrina Partridge tattoo

Tattooing is a fashion statement for celebrities today. From Angelina Jolie to Megan Fox, David Beckham to Travis Barker, includes various tattoos on different parts of the body. Celebrities are the principal of the latest trends, new fashion. One can get a tattoo if Johnny Depp to show how much he loves his superstar. One can print "we will all laugh at gilded butterflies" in her back to feel like Megan Fox. Some celebrities are known for their tattoos, while some tattoos are famous for their celebrity. Also, it is also possible that the tattoos called by the name of the publicity. Audrina Patridge is one of those celebrities who made their famous tattoo with their names. We call these tattoos as' Audrina Patridge tattoo "now.
Audrina Patridge (Audrina Cathleen Patridge real name) is an American reality show personality. She came into the limelight as one of the four original primary cast members featured on the MTV reality show series "The Hills" in 2006. Audrina appeared in several feature films such as Into the Blue 2 and Sorority Row. Soon after her fame, her tattoos began to gain attention. She has a tattoo on the back of her neck that looks like an apple, but actually a red heart sign with apple steal and a green snake wraps around it. The heart is masked as a fruit with an additional plant of it. By sporting this large tattoo on her neck, they offer a pleasant vision for her fans but also for tattoo lovers. According to the young actress, the meaning behind this colorful print is that "there were good snakes and bad snakes in ancient times as vices and dangers." The plant grows from the heart gives the sign of hope for rejuvenation and to remedy. The prominent color and size made it more wonderful and popular tattoo design.

Audrina Patridge may have its own meaning of this tattoo, but there are differences about the meaning behind this famous tattoo design. Tattoo lovers all over the world are very impressed with this design of body art, but they are confused about the real meaning of it. The individual elements of the tattoo had special symbolic meanings through the centuries. In various ancient cultures, there were good and bad snakes and the snakes are represented as the mother of the gods and demons. This surrounds a real human heart, in combination with the differences on the serpent myths together they could mean something for everyone, and the meaning and the reason behind this meaning will be different. The green plant arising from the heart we would suggest that any spin indicates the general tend to have a tattoo too dark or apocalyptic since green usually indicates resurrection or revival.

Those who are interested in Audrina's footsteps to follow should certainly consider the meaning behind this design. It is not just a style control, but it also adds color richness to the personality of the person. So if you're a tattoo lover, try this famous, charming and significant "Audrina Patridge Tattoo".


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