Monday, 20 June 2011

Games of Thrones Season 2 Scoop

Yes, Game of Thrones just completed his first season. (How exciting way Now read our review of the "Fire and Blood"!)

But it's never too early for the season two premiere of it? That's what we thought.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Benioff and DB Weiss offered a few spoilers and facts about what viewers can expect to see when the series back in the spring of 2012 ...

Will we see flashbacks of the characters interact with Ned? "Many of the [book] flashbacks take place years ago, and Sean's stuntman looks eerily like a young Sean Bean, so it can work." - Weiss

Will we see a great battle? We had a lot "instead of one big scene with our characters than a crappy version of [a] battle. We want a few big battles have, we work very hard to battlefields in season two. We would also like to have more dire wolves. "- Benioff

Give us a season two tease: "We have dragons, we have dire wolves grow, we have massive battles Despite the various character deaths, we have a growing cast of characters .." - Benioff

Indeed, expect a series of casting announcements soon. Game of Thrones starts shooting again on July 25, meaning that characters from George RR Martin's second book - like Stannis Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy Melis and Andre - will be released any day now.

Crystal Harris parties in Las Vegas with Heidi Montag

A little thing like her marriage annulled is not going to stop partying Crystal Harris.

Hugh Hefner's runaway bride celebrated what would have been her wedding on Saturday at the pool in Las Vegas with friends, including Heidi Montag.

"I wanted to leave LA, so I did not have to think about the wedding," the 25-year-old Playboy model told Radar Online with Law of the Republic pool party MGM Grand's.

Dressed in a tight black bikini, animal print cover-up and high heels, Harris laughed with her friends as Hef, 85, was a distant memory.

She told people that if her wedding day came, she knew she did not want the man 60 years her senior, married.

"I wanted to be true to myself and true to what was best for everyone," says Harris. "I love (Hefner). He is the sweetest person I've ever met in my entire life and I will always love him and he will always be a good friend and I will always visit him all the time."

In fact, she says she's back at the Playboy Mansion on Monday to collect her belongings and her engagement ring back to lift, which it claims is "good."

Perhaps because he already moved on. TMZ reports, Hefner is now an item with Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund.

Harris called off the marriage on Tuesday, just five days before she and Hef are set to exchange vows in the Mansion.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The education system is so bad': Angelina Jolie upset with modern schools education

Angelina Jolie has revealed that they are modern schools do not meet the needs of her children, and teachers who are home-schooled.
Jolie, 35, criticized conventional schools, and said they were unable to raise her and partner Brad Pitt's Bread, namely Maddox, 9, Pax, seven, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, five and two years old twins Knox and Vivienne .

"I think we live in a different era and education has not caught up with our children and our way of life," the Independent quoted Jolie as naturally in an interview.

"But we travel and I am the first person to say, 'Get the homework done as soon as possible because, let's go out and explore."

"I prefer them to a museum and learn to play guitar and read and select a book they love," she said.Jolie also revealed her fears about keeping her children to school on track.

"I wish there was a book every parent could read, that tells you how to navigate through the school, and how to customize the education for your children and their interests," she added.

The children were enrolled in the French school system, the Lycée program, in cities including New York, Prague and Venice.

Nannies and teachers provide specialized program, and one of them speaks with Vietnamese Pax, adopted in 2007 in Vietnam. The couple also used mentors with an "African background" to connect with Zahara, in Ethiopia in 2005.

Facebook rejects NY man's claim of half-ownership

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that an alleged contract and e-mails that a New York man claims his right to a share of 50% in the social networking site are "forgeries".

Paul Ceglia said that Mr. Zuckerberg a contract in 2003 that Mr. Ceglia half ownership of Facebook has signed.

In a court filing, Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg the question that Mr. Ceglia turn on the alleged contract and emails.

Lawyers for Mr. Ceglia disputed claims Facebook.

"The so-called expert advice is provided without consideration of the actual contract at issue in the case," said Dennis C. Vacco, who is one of the lawyers for Mr. Ceglia.
Cut-and-paste '

In a filing made at the U.S. District Court in Buffalo, Mr. Zuckerberg said he web development services in 2003 StreetFax, a business Mr. Ceglia tried to start at the moment.

He said he signed a contract drafted by Mr. Ceglia, wood pellets a seller, which meant only the work he did for StreetFax.

"Zuckerberg and Facebook Ceglia never discussed and never signed a contract on Facebook," the filing said.

"The contract is a cut-and-pasting the e-mails are complete fabrications, and this whole lawsuit is a fraud."

Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg hope to use forensic tests to prove that the documents were forgeries.

Facebook is privately owned, but estimates of the value range between $ 50 billion (£ 30 billion) and $ 76.4bn (£ 46.7bn).

Twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss also claimed that Mr. Zuckerberg from its Web site idea, but they were all students at Harvard.

In 2008 they reached a settlement that gave them $ 20,000,000 in cash and stock valued at $ 45 to $ 36 per share.

They have since tried unsuccessfully to have their cases reopened against Facebook, claiming that the company hid information and they should receive more shares.

Toshiba prices its new tablet to undercut Apple's iPad2

Toshiba has announced its foray into the rapidly growing market for tablet with its latest gadget called thrive.

The Japanese electronics maker has priced its entry-level $ 429 (£ 262), which is cheaper than the base model of Apple's iPad2.

The company said that its basic model comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and is aimed at consumers who use tablets at home.

The tablet will go on sale in the U.S. on July 10.
"Non-Apple products"

The success of Apple's iPad has encouraged many computer and electronics companies to enter the segment.

Samsung has launched its Galaxy tab, while Sony has also announced its entry with two new models.

While none of them are able to make a significant dent in Apple's market share, Toshiba says the demand for other products was gradually increasing.

"There is a market out there of people who want to buy non-Apple products, " said Jeff Barney, Toshiba America.

Google to abandon older browsers

Google is phasing out support for older browsers with effect from August 1.

Using IE7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and its predecessors version of Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites will lose some functions.

Ultimately warned, these web services will stop working for the stabbing with older browsers.

The move is part of a trend towards the use of aging and insecure browsers are not sophisticated enough to handle the latest Web technologies to stop.
Code jam

Statistics about browser versions compiled by StatCounter shows about 17% to change in light of the decision by Google.

Google made its announcement in a blog post says its engineers wanted to use the newest features in browsers to make, requiring support for HTML5 technology.

Consequently, with effect from August 1, Google will only support what the "modern browsers" calls. Through this means that the latest versions and the previous major versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

When new versions of their release, Google will be working with Web services that support and then drop the third oldest version.

Aid in this sense means that Google is not only the compatibility testing with up-to-date browsers. It will not test with older programs and ensure that web services will work with them.

Closing the blog post, Venkat Panchapakesan, Vice President of Engineering at Google, wrote: "These new browsers are more than just a modern convenience, they are a necessity for what the future holds."

In mid-May, Mozilla, which oversees Firefox development, launches a plan to 12 million or so people using version 3.5 of its browser to update.

It said it was "frustrated" with efforts to get people to upgrade and had a series of steps to force change.

It uses pop-up windows, advertisements, updates and re-directs to guide people to more recent versions of Firefox.

Figures collected by Mozilla suggest that the campaign has had some success as the number of users to Firefox 3.5 has now decreased to about one million had.

Microsoft's campaign to stop people using Internet Explorer 6 is one of the longest running upgrade efforts.

The software giant has used its automatic update system for newer versions of its browser to connect to many users.

However, many companies prefer not to use this system and that has resulted in some IE6 holding companies and nations.

Worldwide, approximately 11% of the browsers are IE6, suggesting the figures compiled by Microsoft, and there is a wide variation in the world.

Approximately 34% of Chinese Internet users on IE6, like 22.3% of South Koreans and 11.6% of the Vietnamese people.

South Africa mourns Albertina Sisulu

South Africa is mourning one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid, Albertina Sisulu, die, died at age 92.

Mrs. Sisulu, the widow of Walter Sisulu, a friend and mentor of the former South African President Nelson Mandela.

EEn Political figure in her own right, she was active in the Women's League of the African National Congress (ANC).

ANC spokesman Brian Sokutu said Mrs. Sisulu had devoted her life to bringing democracy to South Africa.

Comrade Sisulu''devoted her entire life serving the ANC and the liberation of South Africa. This, we tribute to Mother and selfless leader of the Movement ", South African Times quotes paper as saying to zoom.
"They never gave up '

family home key figures from the ruling party ANC visited Mrs. Sisulu in the north of Johannesburg to pay their respects to testify.

Ahmed Kathrada, a lifelong friend and colleague, said that as regarded Mrs. Sisulu A mother and was deeply shocked door The news of her death.
"Politically, she was a great humanitarian, a great fellow, a loving companion and a source of inspiration. THEY never ever gave," South Africa's Eyewitness News Kathrada quotes the Lord as saying.

One of her sons, said Ms Sisulu was brought home two of her grandchildren watch the news on television when she died.

When the news broke late on Thursday, were social networking websites in South Africa paid tribute to flood the veteran campaigner, nicknamed "Ma Sisulu.
Continue Reading From the main story
"Start Quote

    The first time I met her I was out of prison, we met her door so she could us what to expect, she was so motherly "

End quote Sisisi Tolashe ANC Women's League Secretary

Mrs. Sisulu, the first met Walter Sisulu in the Years 1940, after moving to Johannesburg to work as a nurse.

Although not a political background, THEY al Quickly himself as a anti-apartheid activist in her own right and was among those dying in 1956 led a march of 20,000 women protesting against forced savings books to carry.

While her husband was confined to the Jail met Mr. Mandela, she found herself subjected to a period of house arrest.

Ms Sisulu was a former vice-president of the ANC Women's League.

"The first time I met her I was out of the Jail, we met her so she could our door What to expect, she was so motherly," Sisisi Tolashe, the ANC Women's League Secretary-General told the BBC Network Africa Programme .

"They are our language as a politician, especially mare THEM language to us as a mother," she said.

Mrs. Sisulu Laptop Was an ambassador for the ANC, the overseas visits of leaders including former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to draw attention to the anti-apartheid struggle.

In 1994 Zij her seat in the first democratically elected Parliament of South Africa.

She was one of the engine overhaul People die May at the bedside of Mr. Mandela Before he was hospitalized earlier said Year.

Fight veteran was last seen in public on the eve of municipal elections in May, when they stem from her to bring in Johannesburg.

Scandal-hit Israeli billionaire Sami Ofer found dead

Sami Ofer, an Israeli billionaire at the center of a scandal over dealings with Iran, is deceased at his home in Tel Aviv.
Israeli media reported the 89-year-old was deceased after a long illness.
The U.S. sanctions imposed last month to the Ofer Brothers Group, co-owned by Mr. Yuli Ofer and his brother, accusing him of selling an oil tanker to an Iranian company blacklisted.
Ofer denied all the allegations, saying the U.S. had an unfortunate mistake.
Forbes magazine recently said that the brothers were the richest men in Israel with interests in shipping, chemicals, real estate valued at $ 10.3 billion (£ 6.3 billion) in total.
Prohibited Contact
They are facing a mounting opposition in their countries of origin over the allegations that Ofer Brothers Group and its Singapore-based subsidiary, Tanker Pacific Management, was involved in a sale to the national shipping company of Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines .
Continue reading the main story
"Start Quote
    [Ofer Brothers Group] and its subsidiary, frankly, has failed to do proper due diligence "
End quote Mark Toner U.S. State Department
Many are shocked that two of the most prominent business people of Israel would have benefited from trade with a country that the Israeli government believes is developing nuclear weapons - a charge Iran denies.
After the sanctions announcement, Ofer Brothers Group said it never ships sold to Iran, and that the Israeli government would confirm this.
But U.S. State Department Mark Toner rejected the denials, saying: "Ofer Holdings Group is the parent of a company called Tanker Pacific, and that the company actually sold to the Iranians this tanker.
"The company and its subsidiary, frankly, has failed to do proper due diligence and to prevent this transaction. So they are responsible."
Then on Sunday, has shown that a number of tankers in the hands of Tanker Pacific had repeatedly petroleum and petroleum products to Iran and shipped in the last ten years, while Israeli officials were involved in an intense diplomatic effort for international sanctions.
Tanker Pacific said the shipments to and from Iran legally at the moment, and that it had stopped the flow of refined petroleum to Iran last year, according to the unilateral U.S. sanctions unveiled in July 2010.
On Thursday, sources close to the family said Sami Ofer Ofer Brothers Group, all commissioned ships not to dock in Iran last year.
It came after a report that one of their ships had stopped in Iran in February.
The Israeli parliament economic committee tried to debate the affair, but the meeting was abandoned after only 15 minutes when put to the president a memo warning that such a discussion might be "harmful" received.
This led to speculation that the Ofer brothers would have been the Israeli security forces to help spy on Iran.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already said: "Israel's policy on Iran is very clear - all contact with the forbidden."

'Doctor Death' dies in US aged 83:Jack Kevorkian

Jack Kevorkian, the man known as "Dr. Death" for helping the terminally ill end their lives, was deceased in the U.S. aged 83, his lawyer said.
Mayer Morgan Roth told the Associated Press news agency on Friday Kevorkian is deceased Beaumont Hospital in Michigan.
Kevorkian is deceased after a blood clot in his leg broke free and laid down in his heart, the Detroit Free Press reported.
He was believed to have assisted in 130 suicides and was released from prison in 2007, after eight years.
Kevorkian had been hospitalized since last month with pneumonia and kidney problems, said Mr Morgan Roth, who was a friend of Kevorkian's.
He added that hospital staff recordings of classical music played to Kevorkian before he died.
Murder conviction
Kevorkian was originally given a 10-25 year sentence for a second murder conviction in the death of terminally ill Thomas Youk.

But the former pathologist later won an appeal based on his own failing health and was only eight years.

His lawyers had said that he was suffering from hepatitis C and diabetes.
He had promised in affidavits that he would not assist in suicide if he was released.
Kevorkian told the BBC in 2007 he had no regrets for implementation assisted suicides.
"I knew what I did ... I accept the consequences, because I had to do the right thing," he said.
The doctor ran for Congress as an independent in 2008, receiving only 2.7% of the votes in a suburban Detroit district.
A film about the life Kevorkian's called You Do not Know Jack, was shown for the HBO television network in 2010.
The actor Al Pacino won an Emmy and Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of the pathologist.
Kevorkian had claimed to have assisted in some 130 suicides, mostly in the Detroit area between 1990-98.
Many assisted suicides were conducted using his so-called mercy machine, which delivered lethal amounts of drugs intravenously.
Kevorkian methods alienated many. In 1998 he offered on a "first come, first served" basis the kidneys of a man he had helped to die.

Teenager 'sells kidney for iPad':China

A teenager in China has sold one of his kidneys to an IPAD 2, Chinese media report now.
The 17-year-old, identified only as Little Zheng told a local television station he had arranged the sale of the kidney via the Internet.
The story only came to light after the teen mother was suspicious.
The case highlights China in the black market trade in organs. A shortage of donors has led to a flourishing trade.
Deep red scar:
It all started when the high school student saw an online advertisement offering money for organ donor.
Illegal agents organized a trip to the hospital and paid him $ 3,392 (£ 2,077) after surgery.
With the money the student iPad bought a 2 and a laptop.
When his mother the computers and the deep red scar on his body, which was caused by the operation saw Zheng Little known.
In 2007, Chinese authorities banned the trade in donor organs and have a voluntary scheme to try to combat the trade.

Jennifer Aniston's New Man Meets Her Friends

They have only a few weeks, but things seem to heat up between Jennifer Aniston and her new husband, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux.
On May 27, Jennifer threw a small get-together for Close Pals, including Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler, to introduce them to her husband. "They all have a great time and enjoyed Justin's company," a source tells the WHO.
As for the new couple - who first was friendly on the Georgia set Wanderlust last fall - ". she's doing great"adds the source: "He is harder than the boys Jen usually dates. She really likes him !

Jennifer Hudson: Weight Loss Helped Me Find Myself

In a new interview with WHO, Jennifer Hudson confesses her dramatic weight loss is hard to come to terms with. A size 20 when she won an Oscar for her role in 2006's Dreamgirls, Hudson has since shed 38kg and insists her slim down transformed her sense of self worth as much as her body transformed.
Fit to "who I am today," has not been easy for Hudson. "It frustrated me, trying to work this out, it takes a while," the singer to New York.
"Sometimes I feel like I'm on the outside of me, watching someone else ... when I go some time to get used to who I am to get? ... The new me, how I would look, how I want be understood - who am I? "
A mother of David, 21 months, a newly released album, I Remember Me, and a wedding to fiance David Otunga plan, Hudson says she is in a better place with himself now. "It's so interesting to rediscover yourself, to be introduced to a whole new you," she said.
To read more about the weight of Jennifer Hudson's loss and how she is rebuilding her life after the brutal murder brutal murder of her mother, brother and cousin, check out her interview with WHO on newsstands Friday, June 3.

Jaycee Dugard to Kidnapper: 'You Stole My Life'

Jaycee Dugard broke her silence about her 18 years in captivity, lashing out at her kidnappers in a statement read in court Thursday by her mother.
"I chose not to be here today because I refuse to have one second to waste my life in your presence," she said in the notes to read on the conviction of Phillip and Nancy Garrido. "Everything you ever did was wrong and I hope one day you will see that."
"I hated every day for 18 years," continued the statement. "You stole my life and my family."
As they read, the mother of Robin Probyn Dugard still upset. Her voice got louder until she finally shouted, "I hate you for the punishment you put my family through! "
Phillip Garrido showed little emotion during the hearing in a Placerville, Calif., courtroom, although he looked down. Nancy pulled tissues from a tissue box and cried softly.
As part of a deal with the justice, Phillip was sentenced to 431 years, and Nancy to 36 years.
The Garridos pleaded guilty in April to kidnapping and assault. Dugard was impregnated by Phillip twice and had two daughters.
The famous Garridos attacking than-11-year-old Dugard with a stun gun as she walked to her school bus and lock her in the backyard of their Antioch, Calif., home.
"There is no God in the universe that would condone your actions," Dugard, now 31, says in the statement. "You do not matter anymore."

Matt Damon's Father Battling Cancer

Cambridge native Matt Damon flew home to Boston on Wednesday a personal thanks to the doctors to expand at Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of his father, Kent, battling the rare blood disease multiple myeloma.
"My family is so grateful for the care you have given us, Damon told the doctors, nurses and researchers honored at a hospital Hundred Celebration at the Westin Hotel." It is deeply humbling to see how many people commit their lives to helping others. "
"We have some close personal friends lost to cancer in recent years, but I never thought it would happen to my father, the marathon runner," said Damon, 40, who participated in the fundraiser with his father (currently in remission ), his wife, Luciana, his stepmother, Celine, and Bourne Identity co-star Chris Cooper. "It sucked.
Earlier in the evening, Damons father playfully ribbed his Oscar-winning son for his overnight success in Hollywood.
"We try not to deal this celebrity too seriously," said Kent Damon, who recalled his shock at looking at the newspaper in 1997 and seeing his son Academy Award nomination for Good Will Hunting, alongside Hollywood veterans.
"There was a picture of Robert Duvall, Peter Fonda, Dustin Hoffman and -.! Then there was a picture of my 27-year-old son he didn't belong there with all these seasoned actors"
The actor's father also drew laughs from the crowd of 850 when he recalled the time Matt was invited to Major League Baseball All-Star Game 1999 participate in Fenway Park in Boston.
"Ted Williams was there, Pedro Martinez, some of the best players who ever played the game," he says. "And then there was Matt, as the celebrity space."
Joking aside, son Matt Kent praised for a good husband and father to his four daughters, and because he was a great son.
"He's everything you could ever ask for in a son," Kent told the crowd. "It was a wonderful ride, his father."

This Week's WHO Magazine

Dancing With the Stars Exclusive: Our Body Secrets
Dressed in spangles, sequins and show off miles of super-tanned flesh, the participants of the hit reality TV series are on full display in the nation every week. Now, only in the WTO, they reveal even more-from what they really think of their bodies and their weight-loss hopes plastic surgery confessions and intimate details of the sometimes difficult journey towards self acceptance.
Also in this week as to who
Dannii Minogue & Kris Smith Fight Back
WHO has the story about the relationship between the star couple and the changes they have made ​​for a better future together.
Brad and Ange's wedding plans
Repeated questions from fans and media about a possible wedding can laugh, but now with quizzes them about their children when they tie the knot, are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie find it difficult not to put on their agenda.
Plus: Octomum Shock: 'I Hate Babies ", Wes Bentley, " How can I beat Heroin "Justin Bieber's Wet & Wild Holiday, and Baby Countdown-Pink is due any day, Natalie Portman is due in one month and Victoria Beckham has just a few weeks left until then that she welcomed her first girl.

Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest Monitoring Bracelet Goes Off

Lindsay Lohan's house arrest monitoring system went off on Monday, police asked her a visit.
But the actress, who is under house arrest for a theft conviction, was at home watching television and reading scripts, the Los Angeles Times.
"Lindsay electronic monitoring system went off on Monday," Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said in a statement Thursday. "When a representative of the monitoring company went to her house, Lindsay's representative found there. The equipment was replaced the next day."
While she spends time at her mansion, the actress left the house only for medical appointments or to the probation department. They may receive visitors, but she is not allowed outside the "inside" buildings "of the house venture without prior authorization, a step that will from her ankle. She is also prohibited tampering with the bracelet, an alarm which would also sound on her monitor.
Lohan was sentenced to four months in prison after pleading no contest to steal a $ 2,500 necklace, but the prison overcrowding problems and the fact that they are a violent offender made ​​her eligible for house arrest.
The actress is expected to be only 35 days of confinement due to good behavior and budgetary constraints are.

Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Guilty of Manslaughter in Baby's Death

The estranged daughter of Billy Bob Thornton was convicted of aggravated manslaughter in the death of a friend's baby daughter, but was not found guilty of first degree murder.  The verdict was announced, last Friday with Amanda Brumfield, 32, in the same Orlando, Florida, courthouse where Casey Anthony is being tried for the murder of her daughter, the Orlando Sentinel reports.  Brumfield had claimed that the death of a Madison-year-old Olivia Garcia, while in her care as a babysitter one evening in October 2008, was an accident - and that she simply fell short distance from a box.  Prosecutors said that such a reduction would not be good for three-and-a-half inch skull fracture found on the girl and the bleeding and swelling on her brains. Brumfield will be sentenced in July. She was found not guilty of aggravated child abuse charge third.

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn Split

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are no longer, says a source at the WHO.
Speculation about the couple began after Johansson Cannes Film Festival with not attend Penn for his film The Tree of Life. She has worked on The Avengers, New Mexico, reprising her role of Black Widow Iron Man 2.
Johansson, 26, and Penn, 50, made headlines when she was a whirlwind trip to Cabo San Lucas after being spotted getting flirty together during a lunch date in Los Angeles.
The pair attended a White House Correspondents' Dinner Party in Washington DC in April and had spotted in a series of pleasant excursions in LA
The reason for the split was not immediately known. Reps declined comment.

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