Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Holly Marie Combs tattoos

Holly got her first tattoo when she 16.Holly Marie Combs is listed below tattoos.
-rose on her right shoulder blade
paisley-type band on her left wrist
-at the top left wrist
-a tribal-like band around her right wrist and a butterfly (new in december 2001) on the inside of her right wrist.

Balloon Dress

Balloon  dress is a unique creation  of modern design. This dress  shows an alternative design that will help realize the beauty of the art of civilized dress. Forming a very innovative style with balloon bubbles that have beautiful colors. This dress is another dress,  the beauty of art that  a fascination with different meanings.
Usually the balloon dress worn for different models of women who deliberately devoted to the atmosphere of a party or event enliven, hoping a different meaning in every moment to give. Balloon dress is a style appropriate to the theme of the event. This dress can be formed by different kinds of beautiful colors that are considered a crucial moment. So this is an alternative to dress a unique look at every opportunity will take place. Make people who saw the balloon dress will be amazed by the design of the dress gives a very special charm.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fearne Cotton tattoos

She says if she was not a TV personality, she would have gotten tattoos all over her body. She says she just loves the whole process of tattooing, the pain, the look and feel of performance. She says if she gets a tattoo she likes to say they are not silly and they accomplished something.She says that the total number of tattoos she's eleven, but all are not visible due to the fact that they should be on TV shows and she has to do for the needy. They did however mention one of her tattoos in a British magazine reports she had a tattoo in LA, who spent most of her back and her buttocks and fogging, a tattoo of a mermaid who is actually a 50's pin-up was. She loves that tattoo.

Cher lloyd tattoos

Cher's arm was inked with five butterflies.They were assisted by a question mark and a peace stabbing, as they added to the bird a ribbon that she already had.
The ribbon is the word 'Boo', a tribute to her deceased uncle Edward 'Boo Boo' Smith, who deceased in September last year after she tricked into taking a heroin substitute.
She had the design inked two months ago and had an empty birdcage on her left arm to look as if the bird had flown free from when she hit her arms together.
A judicial investigation in December heard how Mr Smith, 34, was found dead in his Malvern, Worcestershire home after being "seduced" to take a lethal dose of methadone.
Cher wrote on her Twitter: "Happy birthday Uncle Boo, missing you. New tattoo. Xxxx."
Cher has a bow on her back, musical note on her left hand and Spanish phrase on her right arm that reads Bolsillo lleno De Suenos "- meaning" pocket full of dreams'

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