Friday, 24 February 2012

Soulja Boy Tattoos

1. Lips. Hidden behind Soulja Boy's right ear is a set of lips. These lips are huge, and not really proportionate. This is a newer tattoo for Soulja Boy. The lips are described in black and shaded with the colors pink and red. There is a space between the lips and not in the shade, just links skin color.
    2. Money Sign. Just behind the pair of lips tattoo on the nape of Soulja Boy is a money symbol. The money symbol looks like $. Soulja Boy is all about money and make money by any means necessary. He says that these verses quite often in his lyrics. The money sign is all black and is not highly decorated. The tattoos on this side of the neck Soulja Boy's tend to things that are valuable to him.
    3. The World Is Mine. The following Soulja Boy tattoo is one of the favorite Soulja Boy's lines. The line is "The World Is Mine. "This line is tattooed on the chest Soulja Boy's in all black characters in an italic font. This tattoo symbolizes Soulja Boy's outlook on life and how he believes he can do anything in this world that is based off of his musicianship and style .
    4. Hawk. Directly opposite the front of his neck near his Adam's apple, is a huge tattoo of a hawk. The Hawk's wings are spread around the neck of Soulja Boy's. This is one of the most detailed Soulja Boy's tattoos. In the middle of the head of the hawk is a giant S. The letter S stands for Soulja. The design of this is complicated. The tattoo's main color is black.
    5. Soulja. At the bottom right of the belly of Soulja Boy's, the word "Soulja." There is no "boy" after. The letters are written in black and italic. This tattoo symbolizes not just Soulja Boy's name, but also that this is more than just a stage name for him. This is a lifestyle and this is the person he wants to represent in life. This tattoo was one of Soulja Boy's first.


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