Wednesday, 22 February 2012

chester bennington tattoos

Chester has 15 tattoos, he says that every tattoo has a meaning in his arms, he has the flames, that's his favorite tattoo, the inspiration of the flames coincide with the one on his shoulders (based on fish and ocean creatures) it also represents his sign was Pisces, Chester was born in March 20. Chester's tattoos symbolize his two personalities: water and fire. There are 6 arms tattooed on his back, was made by his friend who said that the visual representation of how Chester reaches out and grab the audience. at the bottom of his back, the band name tattooed goth in letters, he bet with Jeff as Linkin Park was Platinum, he would make that tattoo on his back. The tattoo was never finished. On his back also has two Chinese dragons, on his left leg, the soldier from Hybrid Theory (you can see him making the tattoo on the DVD Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. Chester was born on the year of the dragon, that is the reason for the dragon tattooed on his right leg, he says that it is the same Samantha on her ass. on his finger from the right hand he has a gold ring with a big rock on top, which he for her birthday. his finger on the left hand he has his wedding ring. on his left elbow has a skull with swords on his chest, the initials TB and CB also (Chester Bennington and Bennington Talinda with roses), he has another tattoo on his right elbow unidentified. for his success, he does not like going to the beach because people do not like the tattoos, he did not know what would happen, he had to keep his job because he did not have enough money. Now that he has money he does what he wants.


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