Friday, 17 February 2012

Billie Joe Armstrong Tattoos

Billie  Joe Armstrong, the legendary punk rock musician turned international superstar, songwriter and singer with his long time band Green Day.
Billie Joe has a lot of tattoo designs on his body, including a car on the left side of his chest (1955 Ford Fairlane?) Along with a skull.

The tattoos on his right, inter alia, the name of his wife "Adrienne" and son "Joseph", along with two praying angels facing each other, and a patch of different roses. He also has the words "all ages" with a star on each side, the Japanese symbols for pinhead and pot, plus the logo of the River Dales (circle 27). And finally, filmstrip mode a photo of his wife Adrienne, on his forearm.

The tattoos on his left arm, a very colorful partial sleeve having a baby smoking a cigar, a clown bracelet, lego man, bar football and some kids alphabet blocks, among other things contains. EBPM (East Bay Punk Mafia) to the inside of his left wrist, plus a variety of colorful stars on his left arm, along with a tiger.

Some other tattoo Billie Joe Armstrong's designs include the word "PUNX" on his left hand and abdomen, along with the number "80", a small cross with rays of light on his right hand, and a little black skull and red heart on his middle finger.

See photos of Billie Joe Armstrong tattoos below.


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