Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Carlos Boozer Tattoos

Carlos  Boozer has many tattoos on most of his upper body, including a great archangel, who spent most of his back covered. The tattoos on his left arm, a big  grizzly bear scratching  his skin, along with some text, he  has a biblical scroll with  many names, including Christ, plus an eye and a name on his wrist. All of the tattoos on his left arm has a flame edge to the designs.

The tattoos on his right among others, a full body portrait of herself with the Alaska Mountains and the skyline of Juneau in the background with the words "God's Will" and "Faith". On his right forearm is a heavenly scene with two angels and the rays of light shining through the clouds of heaven with the words "Heaven Sent". Carlos Boozer Some of the tattoos were done by the world famous tattoo artist Mister Cartoon.


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