Wednesday, 8 February 2012

charlize theron tattoos

Koi Fish Tattoo - She has a tattoo of a Koi fish on her ankle. The tattoo is a very cute looking tattoo. The tattoo is said to be known for its protection, determination and strength. The tattoo is barely noticeable and yet if you look at it, it looks very attractive. The tattoo is filled with color. Because it is too small it is quite unclear what the tattoo is colored with or what design is used in the tattoo.

Flower Tattoos - Another tattoo Charlize Theron has her flower tattoo which is placed on her foot. The tattoo is just the tip of her finger and the last but one finger. The tattoo consists of a flower and two leaves attached to it. The flower is colored in blue and a yellow button in the middle. The leaves are also colored in a sort of blue shade. Both tattoos are placed on her right foot.


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