Saturday, 17 May 2014

Rumors Start Flying About Halo 5 Mystery Character

Halo 5: Guardians was announced just yesterday, with a 2015 release date for the Xbox One, and we are already seeing rumors and speculation about the game fly thick. As Josh Holmes, executive producer of the game points out, the character in the announcement is not supposed to be either Master Chief or Cortana… so who is it?

So far, we know who the character isn’t- it’s not Master Chief or Cortana, it’s not Palmer, and it is not a girl. That’s all we have to go on. In fact, any speculation on who the character is is rather pointless because the character has been confirmed to be someone entirely new to the Halo universe.

The fact that there is so much speculation and discussion about a single piece of art shows us that in spite of the damage Halo 4, 343′s inaugural effort in the franchise, did, there is still a following for the games. Hopefully the next game is overall better, and can restore the franchise’s tarnished reputation somewhat.

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