Saturday, 24 May 2014

Belle Knox on suicide of bullied student Alyssa Funke who appeared in porn flick: 'That could have been me'

 Duke porn star Belle Knox has spoken out after the suicide of a bullied college teen who had appeared in an amateur porn shoot, saying, "That could've been how it all ended for me, too."

Knox, who made national news and garnered ridicule after she was outed as a college-enrolled amateur porn star, compared her own struggle with suicide and bullies to that of 19-year-old Alyssa Funke.

"As several news outlets have pointed out, your story is my story is your story — is every young porn girl's story," she stated in an emotional open letter to the late Minnesota teen on

Funke, a straight-A freshmen at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, killed herself in April after relentless taunting for her appearance in an amateur film on porn website CastingCouch-X.
It was the same website on which Knox appeared.

Funke, like Knox, seemed proud of her work. On April 14 she tweeted, "Pornstar Status," following by an OK symbol.

What Funke didn't publicly share was the torment and abuse by others, and its crushing effects. Instead, she went on her family's boat in a suburban St. Paul lake and killed herself.
 Knox chastised Funke's bullies for their ignorance and hate.

"Just like you, I was bullied relentlessly by my fellow students for my actions as a porn performer," her letter said. "I do not think pornography caused your death. But I think society's reaction to pornography did."

Like Funke, she had her own moments of debilitating, emotional pain and her contemplation of suicide.
Funke, pictured, appeared proud of her pornographic work  while boasting on Twitter. Funke, pictured, appeared proud of her pornographic work  while boasting on Twitter.

"The headline even flashed before my eyes: 'Duke porn star commits suicide,'" Knox continued.

"All I wish now is that I could have known you — that I could have really known you — to tell you how much I understand that special kind of hell," she said.

Knox included a photo of herself holding up a card reading "#RememberAlyssa."

"You are gone. But what you .





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