Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tips for Designing Tattoos for Clients

Every tattoo artist is passionate about his or her tattoo designs.Most of the time,the client is just as excited and interested in getting just the right decision.Other times,You may feel that the client just connot make a decision about the tattoo's final design.When someone walks into your shop and requests a tattoo there are several things to do to make sure,the process goes as still e something that  you,yourself,are proud.

To help you,consider these tips when designing tattoos for clients.For every new tattoo artist,they can make working with client designs easier to do.

  • 1:
Allow them to bring in images.One thing that many websites are encouraging and that many individuals are doing more often is bringing in clip art,images or even photos from the web to their tattoo artists.Some artists do not like this thought.This can be beneficial to you,though.Allowing them to bring in an image gives them the ability to put the wheels into motion.You know what they want.

  • 2:
Designing mock ups is essential.Many tattoos artists will have tattoo designs on their walls displaying option for the client to choose.This is a great way to skip the design mock ups for a client,but onlyif they go,specially with what you offer.If the color scheme is off or it will change,be sure do a mock up.This eliminates many of the problems.

  • 3:
Offer advice.Some tattoo artists will take the information ,pictures and ideas from a client and just get to the process of getting the design on the body.Instead,offer advice.As an expert,you know what the look will look like on the body.You know the importance of the designs'size and body location will do to the tattoo.Give them advice so that when they leave your establishment,the finished results are right on what they expect.

Designing tattoos for clients is a process that can take some time to master.Yet,it is one of the most rewarding process to know that you created something unique and special for someone.The process takes patience and an understanding of people.The most successful artists have this.


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