Friday, 23 May 2014

'Watch Dogs' Trailer Recently Released - News, Gameplay, Trailer, and Details [VIDEO]

Ubisoft recently released an almost 10-minute gameplay trailer of an open-environment, world action game called "Watch Dogs." The video shows the many possibilities of hacking almost anything imaginable in the world, and causing unprecedented chaos because of it.  The trailer features multiplayer functions and availability that complements the previous multiplayer video.

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs lets players experience and imagine a world where a phone with a very powerful hacking system gets in to almost anything the user wants. Players can immerse in a digital world manipulating ATMs, traffic lights, business operations, and other mundane things, according to the many of the game's possibilities.

In Watch Dogs' prank trailer, "a shopkeeper takes unsuspecting customers on a thrilling adventure through the street with their newly refurbished smartphones to try out a mystery app. With the press of a button, the shopkeeper turns out lights, opens luxury cars, and knocks over ATMs," reported Mashable.

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is a brand new game that is much like a combination of an advanced GTA 5 and a modernized version of Assasin Creed (killing's made more with guns). The game is set in a not-too-distant future of Chicago.

According to dedicated game reviews, aside from the fun gameplay experience of hacking in the digital world, the game can boast of the realistic architectural detail of Chicago, and its impressive weather effects.

Watch Dogs was supposed to be released earlier before, but Ubisoft delayed the launching date to make big improvements and changes to the final game. The delay allowed its developers to perfect the game's graphics and details.

"The things we've developed the most are the interactions with hacking, and how in many situations being smart with chain reactions can offer something unique from any other open-world game," explained Ubisoft's VP of Creative Lionel Raynaud. "If we weren't able to deliver this aspect, it wouldn't feel new enough to be worth a new IP," said Ubisoft's Creative Director Jonathan Morin, in a post from Trusted Reviews.

Watch Dogs will be available for major gaming consoles like the PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on May 27, 2014. The game will soon be released for Wii U at "a later date," according to Ubisoft.





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