Thursday, 22 May 2014

European elections 2014: 7 excuses we give for not voting

Brits are heading to the polls to vote in the European and local elections. Or, to be more accurate, less than half of us are. For a proudly democratic country, there’s nothing quite like an election to bring out society’s apathy.

How many of these excuses have you made for yourself to justify not voting? I’ve certainly broken out one or two of them…

1. I would vote, but I’m really busy tonight…
It is absolutely crucial that I go to the pub/gym/cinema tonight. I just can’t get out of it. Otherwise I would definitely vote.

2. I don’t really know much about politics
I haven’t read any of the manifestos, and I don’t know who is running for each party in my local area. What if I vote for someone and they turn out to be an idiot? They probably don’t want people who don’t know anything about politics to vote anyway.

3. All politicians are prats
Why would I want to vote any of these entitled, power-grabbing, charisma vacuums into power?

4. I don’t even think I’m registered…
You mean that pink card that came though the post? Wait, that means I’m registered? I’m not sure where I put it. Well, if it’s not in the drawer with the takeaway menus then I suppose I’ve lost it. Guess that means I can’t vote. Oh well!

5. It won’t make a difference anyway
If loads of idiots are going to be voting for UKIP, then what does it matter how I vote? My vote won’t make a dent. And it’s not like any of the other parties are much better.

6. What the hell’s the European Parliament?
Is it even important? No idea.

7. Wait, that was today?
It’s tempting to abstain from voting just so that when the politicians cock things up again you can claim with certainty that you didn’t help get them there.

But we live in a country where we can attend polling stations without having to walk past soldiers with guns, where we can be (relatively) sure that the people who get the most votes will actually be put in power, and where anyone – regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality – has a say. It doesn’t need to be the right say, or even a well-informed one.

Just show up and vote for whichever party you disagree with the least. It’s the British way.





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