Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoo

American actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has a number of tattoos.
All Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos are quite unique and this is certainly no exception. On her inside left ankle is a colored tattoo that is very girly, but still strong. Sarah wears yellow flowers on a green vine that might not sound all that special, but the way they are coupled with the Chinese symbols vertically, they are able to accent each other. The piece is about three centimeters long and it certainly makes you a double take to decipher what it is.
Next on the list of Sarah Michelle Gellar is a very simple tattoos worn on the inside of her right ankle. This only happens when its all black piece. It is a very simple heart that is pierced by a dagger and it is meant to symbolize her often rocky relationship.
Has been named one of the favorite Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos by her fans is the appearance of delicate dragonflies she wears on her lower back. Sarah and Freddie Prince Jr., her husband, both love these whimsical and useful creatures. Sarah has two small dragonflies on her lower back, pointing at each other at a slight angle, which has a romantic atmosphere and the fact that they just slightly pink in them makes them so beautiful and feminine as they have been added.
The last of the Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos is a very mysterious person who wears it on her hip. Here she shows a kind of vertical symbol is confused as being Egyptian, Celtic and Chinese. Reports suggest that it is a symbol of integrity. This is just one of Sarah Michelle Gellar tattoos must remain a mystery for a while.


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