Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Mallory Edens breaks Twitter during NBA draft lottery show

If viewers tuned into Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery show to see where their team would pick in next month’s NBA draft, many appeared to stay for a different reason.

Twitter blew up with tweets fawning over Mallory Edens, the Milwaukee Bucks representative and 18-year-old daughter of Bucks’ owner Wesley Edens  (yeah, we’re just as creeped out … doesn’t she have to be in high school home room tomorrow?). Despite her limited TV time, she became an instant sensation with viewers. She was trending nationally and, since the end of the selection show coverage, has seen an enormous growth in her number of Twitter followers.

She’s up to 18,300 … at the start of this post she had 17,100. When the show finished, she had 7,000.
Before the announcement of the top three picks, Edens was standing next to Julius Erving, who represented the Philadelphia 76ers, and David Griffin of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who, by the way, will have their third No. 1 pick in the last four years. Does anyone even remember that, or were they too busy gushing over Edens?

She’s up another 400 followers since this paragraph was written.

We asked a couple of friends what they thought about the lottery results, but all we got in return were a bunch of responses with, “Huh, what draft?” as they quickly closed out of Edens’ Facebook page.

Oh, and Edens’ Twitter followers now? 19K. And counting.





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