Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kim Kardashian Tattoo

This was not the first tattoo Khloe Kardashian's - it appears that  one of the few.  Reportedly, she has the words "I love you" in the handwriting of her deceased father somewhere on  her body, and  it sounds like she needs one on her lower back. "I do not have the location as" she was quoted as saying on  Monday. "I got the trendy location.  It's actually a tramp stamp."  However, there is sentimental  value to all of the ink is collected. Khloe says that "all of my tattoos are meaningful.  They are all from my father and Lamar."
But Kim Kardashian, 29, still thinks tattoos are bad-bad. Khloe says, "Kim told me that you are not a bumper sticker on a Bentley," Khloe jokes. "I guess I'm not a Bentley! I do not know what I am. "
Khloe, we know what you are: you are human. And even tattoos, your worth is much greater - and you're way hotter - than a luxury car ..
Lip tattoos were seen for the first time a few months, but so far it has yet dared not a celebrity, try this. Pioneers in front! On her blog, Kim asked her fans: "I thought it would be nice to try a new look to what you think.?"
In the photo she posted this, she wears a sequined blazer, white blouse and elegant: a fly. The eye-catcher, but - of course - their lips are painted in a checkerboard pattern.


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