Sunday, 8 January 2012

infinity tattoo

Infinity is a quality of its .....  a characteristic,  if you will, of the infinite  possibilities of the event  itself.
Think every minute decision at each choice of action you may encounter in a given period of 24 hours ....
Every moment brings with it myriad choices from lifting a finger to move a mountain and everything in between.
Considering that, how many possible versions of today could happen if a single decision throughout the day was done differently?
Multiply that times change every moment of the day and all variations on this theme with all the possible outcomes and endings ...
Now multiply that times every day of your life and your day will start with the endless possibilities available in a given life sentence.
This is simply proof of the infinite nature of a single individual.
Now multiply that times all the people who ever lived.
That's not the end ..... have a look for yourself.


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