Friday, 6 January 2012

clown face tattoos

Clown Mean- The average clown has strange expression of anger and resentment.  The clown with red nose  curve shows irritation  and hatred for everyone.
Evil clown tattoos reflect the darker side of human nature. Clowns may represent fear and terror. Clowns with scary faces and terrible features are depicted in tattoos. One of the deepest meaning behind tattoos clown is overcoming the fear of clowns. People sometimes have a strange fear of clowns, and they find it frightening that fear deep inside them is known as Coulrophobia. They try this fear by engraving evil clown tattoos on their bodies to overcome. This is just one method of attack fears head-on.

Evil clown tattoos also reflect criminal bent of mind. Darker aspects as treason, murder and inhumane acts are depicted by evil clown tattoos. People who are under negative vibes are mostly evil clown tattoos. It also reflects sadness and grief. Sometimes evil clown tattoos symbolize evil desires and suppressed violence. The intensity of the evil characteristics vary depending on the type of tattoos. Extremely scary clown tattoos symbolize characters with extreme violence in them.
Evil clown tattoos engraved on his arms, back, shoulders and even chest. Clowns with a fearful or sad expressions were designed and they are quite different from the normal clown tattoos.

Gangster Clown - They are usually engraved with a weapon or arm with violent and scary face. The tattoo symbolizes death and destruction.

Death Head Clown - The clown is dead head one of the most morbid evil clown tattoos. It is usually depicted with a head pinched with ropes or flakes of fire goes over the head.

Bleeding Clown - Clown Bleeding engraved creating the effect of blood oozing from his mouth or eyes. It symbolizes murder, betrayal and death.


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