Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ashlee Simpson Tattoo

At first glance Ashlee Wentz  Simposon not really look like someone who has a  tattoo or six for that matter would have. Well in case you did not know Ashlee has at least six tattoos.  This just goes to show that anyone sporting a tattoo and people disagree,  that is if they are tastefully done and they are small brands. That most  of Ashlee's tattoos  are small.

Here is a list of Ashlee's tattoos:

1. Love on her left wrist.

2. A star on her right wrist, which was later covered up by a big red rose with green leaves, which seems quite appropriate.

3. Two small cherries on her heel.

4. The number three is written under the word LOVE on her right wrist.

5. A peace sign on her right middle finger.

6. An unidentified red tattoo on her inner left ring finger.


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