Saturday, 21 January 2012

Britney Spears Tattoos

Is there anyone who knows what is in the spirit of Britney Spears? Interestingly enough, her tattoos reveal much more than you might think. Certainly more than the nightly examination of the intestines and goat opinioned in solemn voice the many pop psychologists on the celebrity news show different spots on the cable networks these days.
The tattoos of Britney Spears. Do they mean anything? Not yet in her mid-twenties, the singer, two-time mother, twice-divorced woman and sometimes actress has tattoos of a fairy on her lower back, small daisy circling her second toe of right foot, a butterfly leaving a vine on left feet, and a flower with Chinese symbol for mystery in the middle of the abdomen. Spears has three Hebrew characters on the back of her neck - her Kabala connection - and a pair of pink dice inside left wrist, next to a small star on her right hand. During her recent meltdown she added two tattoos, red and pink lips on her wrist, and a black, white and pink cross on lower hip. Other modifications include a body pierced navel and the right nipple.
Like her fashion sense and matrimonial record, you sometimes wonder what compels Spears to do what she does when it comes to tattoos. By getting an odd assortment of small tattoos all over her body, she runs the risk of looking like someone without a clear or long-term vision of her body art. Her tattoos, the butterfly, fairy, Chinese symbol and others do not show a terrible amount of imagination or originality. The same tattoos picked off the wall with one million other teenage girls in a thousand tattoo parlors in every Mall in Central America. Many of her tattoos seems to be picked in an impulse. But the impulse to do things we are often times the most revealing actions that we do.
What tattoos do show a clear pattern of choosing symbols and designs that are meant to serve as amulets or talismans of protection, but also with a strong tendency to escape and flight.


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