Sunday, 14 August 2011

Support and caution pour in for Anna Hazare’s crusade

Supporting social activist Anna Hazar's crusade against corruption, has former Lok Sabha Speaker PASangma pointed out that the draft in January Lok Pal Bill, the Prime Minister, MPs and judges to bring within the scope of Lok Pal, was fraught with serious danger to the existence of parliamentary democracy in which legislative and judicial branches are the most sacred.

In a letter to Mr Hazar, the former chairman said that MPs can be taken to task for a crime. Insofar as the prime minister, it would be highly desirable that provision be made in the Lok Pal Bill to take action against him for any crimes until after he demits office. `` Prime Minister, in fact, is responsible for his Council of Ministers and therefore his office is very sensitive. I do not think it would be in the interest of the nation to place a sword on his head by hand. He has to be allowed freedom to operate without fear. In any case, he is responsible to Parliament, the authority to accuse him of impropriety on any subject has. To him under the scope of Lok Pal would be critics and vested interests to encourage him to make dysfunctional by unfounded accusations,''the letter said.

`` Regarding the judiciary, I see no reason for them under Lok Pal, as there are many facilities to deal with them. I may mention here that a High Court judge to face impeachment was before the European Parliament and another senior judge is currently facing the same prospect,''said Mr. Sangma.

The National Alliance for People's Movement (NAPM) has been supporting movements for social activist Anna Hazar a corruption-free India and urges the citizens of the country to this fight to close from August 16.

"We have an awful hate the way the government has tried to severely restrict the holding of peaceful protests in the capital Delhi and the police under the garb of implementing the Supreme Court guidelines is unnecessary requirements on the protests," "said in a statement here on Sunday.

We are aware that the campaign for effective Lokpal against corruption is not a complete and definitive solution to all that will save our country today. It should be seen as part of an ongoing process that can be built by different groups using many democratic styles, strategies, problems and foci, the statement said.

It said the Lokpal bill drafted by the government was toothless and defeats the purpose it is intended. "We believe that the law to deal with corruption should be extended and ensure swift action and dealing with corruption not only at the higher executive level but also at middle and lower levels and bring politicians and companies in the scope ''.

NAPM urges the Government to pay for the diversity of voices to listen and respect the evolving public a series of foolproof, effective anti-corruption measures to introduce and pass a strong Lokpal Bill, tackling corruption at all levels, After holding extensive consultations and participatory. The statement was signed among others by Medha Patkar, Sandeep Pandey, Prafulla Tara Saman, Maj. Gen. Sudhir Vombatkere, Suniti SR, sister Celia, P Chennaiah, Ramakrishna Raju, Suhas Kolhekar, Akhil Gogoi, Mazgaonkar Anand, Rajendra Ravi, and Madhuresh Kumar.


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