Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Steve Williams Apologizes Interviewed After The Final Round Of The World Golf Championship

PGA Tour caddy Steve Williams says his emotions got the better of him when he was interviewed Sunday after the final round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.
Williams, who was caddying for Adam Scott after being fired by Tiger Woods apologized in a statement on its website Wednesday for not to credit Scott, who won the tournament - during an interview on camera.
Williams split with Woods - Williams said he was fired over the phone, while Woods' camp said the golfer broke the news in person - was a great story angle during the tournament, which Woods played and finished 18 shots off the lead.
After Scott won, Williams discovered that he was interviewed by CBS reporter David Feherty, of course - ". Completely surprised," Williams said that came as a
"My emotions after the victory of Adam's were very high and when I feel like my emotions poured out and got the better of me," Williams said Wednesday. "I apologize to my fellow caddies and professionals for the outstanding performance of Adam not to mention. I would like all those fans at Firestone who win the most special of my career, thank you."
During the interview, Williams, who caddied for 13 major titles of the Woods, called Scott's victory "the best win I've ever had," and made clear he believed that Woods had him treated unfairly.
The interview split opinions among golfers, as well as observers of the game. Some said that she understood Williams' frustration spilled over. Others said Williams went overboard in his comments and affect the victory of Scott.
On Tuesday, Scott said he did not believe it was Williams' idea for his victory UpStage.
"[He] was asked these questions and he gave his honest answer, I suppose, and with many things to do with anything related to Tiger Woods, it's all blown up and examined much of the time," Scott said Atlanta Athletic Club, where he is considered one of the favorites in this week's PGA Championship.
"So this is no different. And he said that was not his intention at all to do. But he was asked a question, and he gave an honest answer. So I said, 'That's fair enough." Hopefully we'll just go and leave our club to speak now for the rest of the week. "


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