Thursday, 11 August 2011

Helicopter Passenger Service Between Helsinki and Tallinn

A Finnish company, Line Support, to launch a helicopter passenger service between Helsinki and Tallinn. The company's CEO, Kari Ljungberg says the service will be aimed at the business. More details would be released next week. Approximate travel time is estimated at 18 minutes.
Services will begin with a helicopter, although more traditional can be used later. Support Line Estonian subsidiary Copterline Oü will be responsible for operations. Maintenance is provided by the parent.
Ljungberg said the company has no connections with Copterline that a comparable service operated until December 2008. Copterline closed the route indication of weak demand and profitability in light of a fatal accident three years earlier with one of his craft.
The news was first reported in the weekly magazine Suomen Kuvalehti.


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