Sunday, 14 August 2011

Arvind Kejriwal Says Government Not Interested

Arvind  Kejriwal, the activist against India on Friday claimed the Indian government that they are not interested to discuss the controversial Bill Lokpal.  Kejriwal said that the government only pretends to  hold talks on the issue.

The activist further argued that the government is doing this just for the sake of publicity and actually pretend to hold talks on the bill. Kejriwal has said that if the government was really interested in talking about the issue seriously, they would have spoken to them directly instead of making statements in the media.

Interior Minister P Chidambaram had said in a press conference that the government is ready to discuss the issue Lokpal bill, but it is about the activist Anna Hazar to decide on the matter. Kejriwal had reacted after the Interior Minister had issued the statement.

India against the activist added that Hazar would respond only if invited by the center. Meanwhile, Hazar and his team announced a campaign to light on August 15 t0 twenty nine p.m. to support his goal.


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