Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ron Paul Supporters In Ames Ahead Of 2012

Ron Paul's tent with his son, Senator Paul Rand (R-Ky.), the Texas congressman gathered supporters. They are a bunch Fired Up.

There is plenty of speculation that Paul will eventually win the straw poll. If that happens, Edge told the crowd, "some will try to discount."

"This is not an online poll," he said. "If Ron Paul wins the poll today, it is a message heard around the world."

The crowd roared.

Rand said that instead of complaining Ron Paul's presence in the race, the Republican Party should be glad that he brought new blood into the GOP. A young man in a flat hat, waved his hand and nodded his head.

He served on many red meat, hinted that America might be riots like those in Britain and Greece as the country's debt under control and prevent the currency from losing value.

"We want to capture and keep our Republic before we reach that point," he said.

He railed against the fact that some agents of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Agriculture Department to carry weapons.

"The government is here to protect us from ourselves, but we want a government that protect our freedoms."

"It's a battle between good and evil," he said. "To steal from the future to get high and now live off of government largesse is theft. It is morally wrong and something we must change."

After he finished, a senior campaign adviser Doug WEAD Paul's, who previously worked as an adviser to both Presidents Bush, came on stage. "If Ron Paul is chairman, Paul Rand will be in the Oval Office whispers in his ear every day," said WEAD. "You vote for Ron, you get Edge."

Ron Paul's campaign spokesman Gary Howard predicted Ron Paul gets "a lot more [votes] than last time." In the 2007 straw poll, he finished fifth, with 9.1% of the vote.


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