Sunday, 14 August 2011

Manchester United & Wayne Rooney

If in doubt, close down  Wayne Rooney. Rather,  always close down Wayne Rooney.  Ben Foster is still waiting for his defense  to close the Manchester United hitman so it's  no surprise that the goalkeeper  was picking the ball found its own network. The Red Devils have started their title defense with a goal from Rooney, a fitting  beginning to what they hope for a second consecutive English  Premier League title.

The goal came in the 13th minute when Ashley Young and Rooney combined to form a porous defense to unlock West Brom. Young spotted Rooney wide on the left and opened the play by getting the ball to sign new United. The winger may have been offside when replays proved inconclusive, but the flag stayed down. Young carried the ball left before back to Rooney on the edge of the box where the striker took a few hits to settle. Gabriel Tamas to inexplicably refuse to close space, Rooney was able to run the ball with his left foot low and at the far post for the first goal of the match.


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