Friday, 3 June 2011

South Africa mourns Albertina Sisulu

South Africa is mourning one of the leaders of the anti-apartheid, Albertina Sisulu, die, died at age 92.

Mrs. Sisulu, the widow of Walter Sisulu, a friend and mentor of the former South African President Nelson Mandela.

EEn Political figure in her own right, she was active in the Women's League of the African National Congress (ANC).

ANC spokesman Brian Sokutu said Mrs. Sisulu had devoted her life to bringing democracy to South Africa.

Comrade Sisulu''devoted her entire life serving the ANC and the liberation of South Africa. This, we tribute to Mother and selfless leader of the Movement ", South African Times quotes paper as saying to zoom.
"They never gave up '

family home key figures from the ruling party ANC visited Mrs. Sisulu in the north of Johannesburg to pay their respects to testify.

Ahmed Kathrada, a lifelong friend and colleague, said that as regarded Mrs. Sisulu A mother and was deeply shocked door The news of her death.
"Politically, she was a great humanitarian, a great fellow, a loving companion and a source of inspiration. THEY never ever gave," South Africa's Eyewitness News Kathrada quotes the Lord as saying.

One of her sons, said Ms Sisulu was brought home two of her grandchildren watch the news on television when she died.

When the news broke late on Thursday, were social networking websites in South Africa paid tribute to flood the veteran campaigner, nicknamed "Ma Sisulu.
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    The first time I met her I was out of prison, we met her door so she could us what to expect, she was so motherly "

End quote Sisisi Tolashe ANC Women's League Secretary

Mrs. Sisulu, the first met Walter Sisulu in the Years 1940, after moving to Johannesburg to work as a nurse.

Although not a political background, THEY al Quickly himself as a anti-apartheid activist in her own right and was among those dying in 1956 led a march of 20,000 women protesting against forced savings books to carry.

While her husband was confined to the Jail met Mr. Mandela, she found herself subjected to a period of house arrest.

Ms Sisulu was a former vice-president of the ANC Women's League.

"The first time I met her I was out of the Jail, we met her so she could our door What to expect, she was so motherly," Sisisi Tolashe, the ANC Women's League Secretary-General told the BBC Network Africa Programme .

"They are our language as a politician, especially mare THEM language to us as a mother," she said.

Mrs. Sisulu Laptop Was an ambassador for the ANC, the overseas visits of leaders including former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to draw attention to the anti-apartheid struggle.

In 1994 Zij her seat in the first democratically elected Parliament of South Africa.

She was one of the engine overhaul People die May at the bedside of Mr. Mandela Before he was hospitalized earlier said Year.

Fight veteran was last seen in public on the eve of municipal elections in May, when they stem from her to bring in Johannesburg.


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