Friday, 3 June 2011

Facebook rejects NY man's claim of half-ownership

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said that an alleged contract and e-mails that a New York man claims his right to a share of 50% in the social networking site are "forgeries".

Paul Ceglia said that Mr. Zuckerberg a contract in 2003 that Mr. Ceglia half ownership of Facebook has signed.

In a court filing, Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg the question that Mr. Ceglia turn on the alleged contract and emails.

Lawyers for Mr. Ceglia disputed claims Facebook.

"The so-called expert advice is provided without consideration of the actual contract at issue in the case," said Dennis C. Vacco, who is one of the lawyers for Mr. Ceglia.
Cut-and-paste '

In a filing made at the U.S. District Court in Buffalo, Mr. Zuckerberg said he web development services in 2003 StreetFax, a business Mr. Ceglia tried to start at the moment.

He said he signed a contract drafted by Mr. Ceglia, wood pellets a seller, which meant only the work he did for StreetFax.

"Zuckerberg and Facebook Ceglia never discussed and never signed a contract on Facebook," the filing said.

"The contract is a cut-and-pasting the e-mails are complete fabrications, and this whole lawsuit is a fraud."

Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg hope to use forensic tests to prove that the documents were forgeries.

Facebook is privately owned, but estimates of the value range between $ 50 billion (£ 30 billion) and $ 76.4bn (£ 46.7bn).

Twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss also claimed that Mr. Zuckerberg from its Web site idea, but they were all students at Harvard.

In 2008 they reached a settlement that gave them $ 20,000,000 in cash and stock valued at $ 45 to $ 36 per share.

They have since tried unsuccessfully to have their cases reopened against Facebook, claiming that the company hid information and they should receive more shares.


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