Monday, 16 May 2011

Survivor' Winner: 'Boston' Rob Mariano Wins 'Survivor: Redemption

It took four trips and 117 days to play "Survivor," but "Boston Rob" finally outplayed, outwitted and outlasted everyone. And in the show that aired on Sunday night, he was crowned winner of "Survivor:. Redemption Island
Rob Mariano received his check for $ 1 million on "The Early Show" on Monday.
He won an additional $ 100,000 for his voted the fan favorite.
But Mariano is no stranger to "Survivor" winnings. His wife, Amber Brkich Mariano, won the show $ 1,000,000 in 2004.
"Boston Rob" finally wins Survivor, the fourth try
Photos: "Survivor: Redemption Island
So with all those prices, it's no surprise that Mariano arrived at "The Early Show" with a smile.
But he had his doubts when he game in Nicaragua.
"That last tribal council I had a good feeling, but with everything in" Survivor ", do not want to get overconfident," he said.
But Mariano said his experience on the show helped him on his fourth go-round.
"I used what I brought to the game from my past experience, was able to get my foot in the door, and people were responding to that," he said.
"Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge said Jeff Probst, host of the show, said Mariano played a perfect game as close as anyone in the entire 22 seasons of the series.
Mariano said the remark Probst a "huge compliment."
"(He is) someone who has seen every season of the show to play from beginning to end," said Mariano. "I think it may have gone in either direction from the start this time."
Wragge said: "When you have the last three, though, anyone who watched" Survivor "know it all to make sure you get the strongest is left at the end. And you had two, with all due respect ... you had two relatively weaker participants with you at the end. Was that the play along? "
"Sure, yes," said Mariano. "I mean, that's part of the gameplan -. To sit with someone who you think you can beat at the end"
Mariano lost his wife - then fiance -. "Survivor" in the 2004 All-Stars game, they now have two daughters. Wragge Mariano asked if thought the vote would go against him because his wife had already won.
Mariano joked: "Look, I'm glad they did not. For the past seven years, I have to hear it in my own house, OK? It was not about the money. She gets the check anyway. But now I'm at least on a level playing field with my wife when it comes to winners in the household of the 'Survivor'! "
In fact, Mariano said he kept it secret that he even was in the final round.
He said: "You know what was great? Were we finished filming this back in September, and I did not tell Amber the end result. I actually led her to believe I was voted in the last four. So it was a big surprise for her last night. And you know, I had to keep secret for a long time. But I was happy to be able to do that for her. "
During the show, Mariano, Wragge said, forged a relationship with Natalie Tenerelli, another participant. Mariano was the woman jealous of that band at all?
"Natalie was like a sister to me," said Mariano. "She was very sweet and she was at her age knows what -..? 19 years old - it was a true testament to, you know, a real coming-of-age story, so I was glad that Natalie., you know, was able to go as far as she did with me. "
As for his life after "Survivor," Mariano said he plans to start a project with the History Channel and top independent producer Thom Beers.
Mariano said he probably will not go back on the hit CBS show.
"At this point, there would be no point," he said. "I've achieved what I wanted to ever achieve with 'Survivor', so I'm happy with my legacy the way it is."


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