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Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley

MANILA, Philippines - There is no doubt Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao and former three-division champion Shane Mosley are among the best boxers of their generation.

On Sunday (Manila time), they'll try to knock out in a battle to be watched by millions around the world.

Reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao will try to prove that he is, indeed, the king of the 147-pound division.

Mosley, on the other hand, will try to show that the naysayers in 39 years, he still has what it takes to be a world champion.

ABS-CBN ANC fastball down with Bill Velasco, Boyet Sison and Boom Gonzales and veteran boxing analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz in a head-to-head comparison of the two warriors.

We asked them about Pacquiao against Mosley and disadvantages in terms of boxing skills, punching power, speed, durability, stamina, experience and angle.

Boxing skills

Velasco: Napakaganda ng ni Manny defense. Secondly, his footwork is really great. He showed ever since Oscar de la Hoya fight. He was able to escape from being attached to the rope. He will be able to implement this strategy.

Nathanielsz: Pacquiao moves very well, head movements, in and out. His punches come from every corner. It is slightly higher than Shane Mosley. Sugar Shane has the skills, but decreased with age. He is 39, he will be 40 in September, so relatively, Pacquiao has the advantage.

Gonzales: Si Manny, every time he goes to a fight, he offers something new. Whether it's a defensive move at some point, maybe a new weapon, possibly a right hand. He has better footwork ... I'd give the edge to Manny, we've already seen what Sugar Shane's condition, and that's pretty much the post, huh.

Sison: In the past, especially if Pacquiao a wild bull from the gate and let all hell break loose. Now he methodically. He has learned the art of studying his opponent as the game progresses. He has learned to control how emotional he is like a fighter if the fight goes on.


Velasco: In terms of clout, I would say it somewhat. Pero the determining factor would have the hand speed of Manny. Mosley is pretty old compared to Manny, and is not impressive in his last three fights. The fear that most people would have in this fight is that kahit malakas si sumuntok Mosley Pang, if your goal is gone, bale wala rin.

Nathanielsz: That's really Manny Pacquiao because he is in favor of proven time and time again he has power in both hands. He originally left his right, but now he has the right hook to the body, probably stronger than his left. Sugar Shane Mosley is basically strong with the right hand goes down. But when he slowed down again. For me, your power is accentuated by your speed.

Gonzales: When it comes to power, Mosley is certainly strong. He has fought tough fighters in his league, so Rin Hindi Biro. Manny Pacquiao in this weight class (welterweight), he has proven that he can box with them, he can box with the [Miguel] Cottos, [Antonio] Margaritos, [Joshua] Clottey. But he has also shown that he trouble them down, leading them away. Kasi these are legitimate welterweight fighters.


Nathanielsz: Mosley had this benefit before, years ago. As a lightweight, he's very fast, but no longer. Now, he's more aware. He put his body behind his punches. He does not have nearly the speed he has done. And Pacquiao is the fastest man in boxing today.

Gonzales: I still think Manny has that factor. Maganda ang kay Manny, 'yung sa awareness Niya, hindi nawawala ang lakas. Hindi ito 'yung pitter-patter punches. There is power in every shot, that's why I think that's an advantage for Manny.

Sison: Speed ​​has been Manny's. But speed is nothing like the person who can take the punch.


Velasco: That would be for me the only question mark kay Mannym, because if you remember, he got hurt in his fight against Antonio Margarito, and frankly, Margarito fight was only about 80% because it was a catch to fight ( 150 pounds). In this case, Mosley also a durable fighter. If he can take punches from Manny in the first 4 laps, can he last the fight. D'yan ang takot ko long as Manny can be hit.

Nathanielsz: One thing you have to say about Sugar Shane Mosley, his jaw is strong. He has never been knocked out. He can punch. Pacquiao is vulnerable when he is young, 17 or so. But after that he settled down. But you know, if Filipino adults, their jaws stronger. Pacquiao sometimes raw courage overcomes the pain and that is how he takes blows. Both fighters can strike.

Gonzales: Dito AKO can kaunting Kaba. Kasi nga si Manny in the last few fights, he shows, the audience actually indulgences, you know. Pinapakita after Niya Kaya niyang tanggapin. Ipinakita Niya ito kay Cotto, Clottey Kay, after Kay Lalo Margarito. I think if you talk about the body, perhaps Mosley has the advantage here in terms of sustainability. Pero kung pahabaan Laban ng 'yan' yung ni sustainability Mosley might suspect.

Sison: Sa Akin, mas matibay 'yung ni panga Mosley, marami nang tama tinanggap after Yan, eh. Pero 'yun nga ang labanan ngayon eh, how many tricks will each be able to land on the chin.


Velasco: No doubt, it is Manny's advantage especially considering he had tested in his last few fights. You look at the Cotto fight, the fight and then Clottey Margarito, mahabang distansya ang nilakad niyan, not early knockouts.

Nathanielsz: If the younger man, and the fact that he trained for two months, rigorous training, strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza is obviously an excellent job. Stamina-wise, he must prevail over Mosley, for he is the younger man.

Gonzales: Hands down, Manny Kay: age-wise, education wise, conditioning-wise, I think unanimously 'yun, Kay Manny. He's gone the full route with bigger fighters at malakas pa rin Siya.


Velasco: If you look Naman sa experience, Shane Mosley has much experience because he is older and has fought many battles in that class. But if you believe all the names of Pacquiao has fought in three different divisions in the fight against Erik Morales, the 2 against [Juan Manuel] Marquez and all other battles on his way to move upwards, the titles he collected, it could still be Manny's advantage.

Nathanielsz: "Sugar" Shane Mosley is the more experienced fighter because he remains in the company. But Pacquiao has gained his experience through different situations, especially by fighting bigger men. I think it even.

Gonzales: just in terms of time, the experience factor for Mosley. Pero yung mga 'quality fighters may Laban Naman si Pacquiao.


Velasco, in the last 15 Mosley's fights, he lost 6 and a line width of 1 after winning 38 in a row. So if you look at his record recently, apart from his surprise knockout of Margarito, Talaga wala Pang maipagmamalaki in the last few years. That tells me the strategy is lacking, not to maximize his power. I honestly think Freddie Roach is the best in the business, and Alex Ariza is the best in the conditioning. So that goes to Manny Pacquiao.

Nathanielsz: They have two different styles, Naazim Richardson is an excellent coach, and they have a very good relationship with Sugar Shane Mosley like Freddie Roach and Pacquiao. Freddie Roach has a slight edge because he and Pacquiao communicate very well and can trust implicitly.

Gonzales: Naazim is a great, great coach, but it is the combination of Freddie and Manny the trick. I read an article that hands down, they are the best boxer-trainer combination of all time. Freddie Roach is clearly going down in history as one of the best coaches of all time.


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