Saturday, 3 March 2012

Margaret Cho tattoos

She also had a large tattoo done for most of  her back.Cho, 41 decks, was not her first tattoo until they are 35. She wanted her life to get, and now she's amassed tattoos  all over her body - her arms, her legs, her ribs and her spine. For Cho, tattoos are symbols of self expression and self-love, especially in women. "It's a celebration of feeling good about your body,"  she says. "I think women with tattoos are very competent."
Cho's ink is so important to her that she did not mind giving us an enthusiastic tour of her tattoos, even though there were 20 people with cameras behind us waiting to meet her. Read on for a detailed description of Cho's body art, done by a variety of notable artists.
Both Margaret Cho's arms are covered with tattoos. Her left arm is equipped with a full color bird Phoenix, done by Nathan Kostechko. Her right arm contains one of its three peony flower tattoos, this was done by Andrew Moore at Shogun Tattoo in Pasadena. Cho also has a peony tattoo on her back (Don Ed Hardy) and on her left shoulder (by Mike Davis of Everlasting Tattoo).
The peony flower, Cho explains, is her name in Korean (her Korean name is Moran, which she says means "peony"). The peony tattoo on her right arm is above an ornate tattoo of an eye.


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