Sunday, 6 November 2011

Womens Halter Tops

The top is a garment for women who used a halter neck style, with a single strap around the neck, instead of two straps over the shoulders or sleeves. The design reveals a large area of the upper back and shoulder blades, and is generally worn during warm weather. A halter top is also seen as a provocative garment, because the large amount of skin exposed. A variety of materials can be used to make a halter top.
The halter style is often used in bathing suits, which allows wearers to sun tan on the back exposure to maximize and to minimize tan lines. The halter style is also used with dresses or shirts, to a backless dress  or top.The necklace itself can be covered by the hair of the wearer, giving the impression that nothing is behind love the dress or shirt up.
If a bra is worn with a top, it is usually a strapless or halter structure itself, to avoid exposing the back of a typical bra straps.


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