Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love Hate Ambigrams

"Ambigram" is a modern term derived from a word meaning deciphering different orientations. "Ambi" means both, while 'g' word means. Combined, these roots indicate a word that can be understood in two ways. An ambigram can even design different words or phrases that are understandable from several directions included. A word can be read from an upright orientation, while an entirely different word is seen from a different direction. Artists use optical illusions, design, and symmetry of this literary art form to create.
For tattoo lovers, there is a dictionary of ambigram designs to choose from and a wide range of fonts and scripts, from simple to elegant gothic graphic. A design can consist of a single word or entire sentence. Depending on the ambigram concept, it can be rotated, reversed, or reflected in mirrors, meaning sometimes change, sometimes it stays the same. Looked at one way, you see a devil, but turn it around and an angel appears, or at least the way the figure is spelled! The best tattoo artists can an optical illusion with an intriguing graphic design that never fails to intrigue.


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